8 Bad Habits for the Heart

December 19, 2013Comments Off on 8 Bad Habits for the Heart

If you want to stay free or to recover from risks of heart disease, there are several important things in your lifestyle that must be changed. Here are 8 of the worst habits that have been recognized to contribute significantly to heart attack and other types of heart diseases:

  • Snoring Heavily – a major sign of a disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) where there are sessions of interrupted breathing while asleep. OSA has been identified as a magnifier of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack. It would be best to seek your doctor and ask for recommendations on how to get rid of this disorder.
  • Eating Foods Without or With Less Fiber – recent studies have already confirmed that men and women of a variety of age who consume larger amount of fiber are those who live for more years and are less prone to heart and respiratory diseases and various types of cancer. With that said, it is suggested to consult your dietitian or make a thorough research on the most advisable foods that are rich in fiber.
  • Ignoring Gum Disease – although for unclear reason yet, it has been found out that the cause of inflammation on gums is the same for arteries that lead to certain heart diseases. That is why it is advised to practice dental flossing regularly and take good care of your gums.
  • Cigarette Smoking – statistics state that smoking one cigarette each day increases risks of having heart attack by 63%. Especially when taken excessively, it could weaken the functionality of your respiratory and cardiovascular organs.
  • Enduring Lack of Sleep or Enjoying Excessive Sleep – ideal duration of sleep is between 5 and 9 hours. Getting beyond this range frequently could increase your blood pressure as well as your stress hormones levels, which are likely to trigger heart attack or any type of coronary disease.
  • Drinking Alcohol Excessively – too much alcohol intake could elevate your triglycerides that would eventually cause high blood pressure and heart failure. This habit also comes with increased calorie intake that triggers risks of obesity and diabetes.
  • Enduring a Polluted Environment – ignoring air pollution around you is actually harmful not only to your respiratory system, but to your cardiovascular organs as well. The inhaled pollutants could accumulate in your carotid arteries that eventually thicken and cause inflammation and signs of a heart disease.
  • Worrying And Getting Stressed – avoid stressful situations where you tend to get mad or act impulsively. It’s not also healthy to become pessimistic; take time to see the brighter side of anything. You need to stay happy and enjoy some laughter once in a while. Worrying is a big no since it negatively affects the blood circulation in your body.

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