A Device Designed to Keep the Heart Safe

March 6, 2013Comments Off on A Device Designed to Keep the Heart Safe

Humanity has been responsible for the creation of some extraordinary inventions. The TV for instance, never gets its due for being the remarkable object that it is. Its ability to display images in such stunning quality is often taken for granted, and yet without it, people would struggle to find worthwhile sources of entertainment. The computer is yet another remarkable creation of the human. This super-charged device is the tool of choice for furthering present projects, and it figures quite prominently into determining what type of future is in store for humanity. As revolutionary and remarkable as these devices may be, they still lack the lifesaving quality found in certain pieces of medical equipment. From the respirator to the dialysis machine, these objects have helped to prolong people’s lives, and it is tough to argue that there are any items more valuable than these. The great thing about medical technology is that it is constantly evolving, and all the while it has produced quite the array of useful medical items. One such item is known simply by its initials, and yet its value can never be truly appreciated.

The AED may be one of the lesser known pieces of equipment in the medical world, but it is still one of the most important. Those initials actually serve as an abbreviation for the term automated external defibrillator. The device itself has been designed with preserving its usefulness in mind. The evidence of this is the fact that the AED has been made to be very portable. It is very easy to carry around, and that means that it can travel along with emergency medical technicians who have been deployed to densely populated events. Being portable is one of the device’s selling points, but it is not the only one. It has also been made to be very easy to operate, meaning that even untrained individuals can use it effectively. To make up for that lack of medical knowledge, the device provides its users with audio and visual prompts that they can then use to operate it more effectively.

The AED possesses two very basic functions. The first function of the device is used for diagnostic purposes. It can be used to identify the type of rhythm that is found in a particular human body, and it will then say if whether or not that rhythm is as it should be. If the rhythm is irregular, then the second function of the device can be used.

The AED not only diagnoses potential problems with the heart, it also resolves them. Heart attacks usually occur when something goes wrong with the heart’s electrical system. This device resolves that problem by providing a significant shock to the heart that is substantial enough to get the rhythm back in order. The immediate application of that electrical shock can sometimes be all that stands between life and death. If it is not administered in time, then there is no telling whether or not the individual can survive. The AED aims to ensure that no heart attack will go untreated.

In order to have a proper AED program in place, you might need the services of someone knowledgeable. One of the organizations that you can ask help from is Citywide CPR.