A Few Things to Keep in Mind to Save a Person’s Life through CPR

November 27, 2013Comments Off on A Few Things to Keep in Mind to Save a Person’s Life through CPR

Because of the widening age bracket of people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, the American Heart Association has become more dedicated to pursue their programs on CPR awareness. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a simple first aid practice that could save the life of any person who undergoes an emergency cardiac condition when applied earlier. The problem is that many people are still hesitant enough to take a little time to know at least a thing or two about the prescribed way of doing CPR. Hence, these people eventually become helpless when they happen to be supposedly the immediate responder to a person suffering from such life threatening condition.

You have to keep in mind that the success rate of CPR basically depends on the immediate responder’s response and recognition. Of course, chances would be significantly higher when he is able to seek help from a professional rescuer who can provide pre-hospital care. As the lay responder, the first things you have to check during your initial assessment on the patient are his consciousness, pulse, and other signs of movement and breathing. Check also whether there is severe bleeding. Doing this assessment could help you come up with the most appropriate immediate action to save the patient’s life. Additionally, make sure to wear the available protective gears when you are planning to use an automated external defibrillator or AED to enhance the success rate of CPR.

To do CPR, you first allow enough space around the patient if possible. This first aid primarily involves external chest compressions that are done at a cycle of 100 times each minute. Each chest compression is ideally 5cm deep or greater. However, make sure that you are not breaking the person’s ribs, especially when the patient is a little kid. If you are comfortable enough, you can apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as part of CPR after finding out that chest compressions alone could not resolve the case. You could also prefer to use an AED if available within the area. This emergency medical device is basically intended to revive the operation of the heart of the patient during his seizure.

If one of your loved ones unfortunately suffers from certain heart condition that could attack anytime, it is strongly suggested to learn the prescribed CPR practices and the professional use of AEDs. There are several training centers intended for emergency medical services that offer CPR training as well as other related courses for saving a person’s life from such crucial heart conditions.

You can simply take advantage of the power of the web to find out the training centers around your area. Citywide CPR, a prestigious training center accredited by the American Heart Association, is among the institutions where you can acquire the best training programs for professional CPR. To find the training course that suits best to your needs and preferences, simply visit its official website and key in your inquiries, if there any. Get into a professional CPR training course now and find your way to become an official and prepared lifesaver.