A New World Record for CPR

August 21, 2012Comments Off on A New World Record for CPR

CPR, or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, is one of the most important life-saving technique that everyone should be aware of. This procedure makes it possible to “restart” the heart and the lungs by manual manipulation.Performed both outside and inside of the hospital, a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation involves the conduct of chest compressions that should be at least 5 cm deep at about 100 compressions in a minute. In some cases, the first responders would also perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in order to facilitate the patient’s breathing.

Not all people, however, can perform a CPR as this life-saving procedure requires training first before you can be allowed to perform it. This is to ensure that the chest compressions are done according to set standards. One has to keep in mind that improper CPR can cause the patient to suffer from broken ribs. Ribs that become fractured also carry the risk of puncturing vital organs. It is because of this that many clinicians would like to educate the public on how a CPR should be conducted. There’s one doctor, however, who would like to do this, and more!

CPR Trainings are typically divided into three levels – CPR-A, CPR-B, CPR-C, and CPR-HCB. The first type, CPR-A, is meant for those involved in workplace as well as lay rescue efforts. The second, CPR-B, is meant for those who are child workers. CPR-C is the training program that is focused on first responders, fire fighters, policemen, workplace first aiders, and life guards. Lastly, the CPR-HCP program is for those who are health care providers. This would include doctors, nurses, and paramedics.

Dr. Thomas Nero is a Stamford doctor that aims not only to inform the public about how a CPR should be conducted. He also wants to break the world record when it comes to the number of attendees in a single CPR Training. Why so? Well, this aim was primarily brought by the fact that only about 25% of victims suffering from cardiac arrest was attended to by bystanders. Because of this, Dr. Nero is willing to go the distance and train about 10,000 people when it comes to giving CPR. Currently, the most number of attendees in one day for a CPR Training is at 7,909. A number that is held by the Singapore Heart Association. The said world-record training took place last January 2011. Dr. Nero has already coordinated with more than 30 medical professionals in order to provide support in training the droves of people who would be attending the said training. Each of the hands-only CPR training is expected to last for only 15 to 20 minutes in order to allow the trainers to handle more people during the day. Attendees would be taught the three c’s of CPR – check, call, compress.

The record-breaking seminar would be held this coming Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Chelsea Piers Connecticut which can be found at 1 Blanchley Road. If you are unable to make it, you can still choose other CPR training and certification centers and service providers.