I just wanted to let you know the feedback that I received from a couple of the individuals in Ohio’s training today was 5 star. They were so impressed with the knowledge of the instructor and the hands-on training. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service and look forward to continuing classes and AED service with your company.
Thank you again
Eric Schoeneck

Dear Alan,
How ironic. On the 21st of March, just over three weeks after taking your P.M. CPR & AED training class at…, I got a chance to put my knowledge to use. I actually saved a lady on a crowded Chicago South Shore railroad train. I was told that I had saved her life, or at least prevented serious brain damage due to the inability of paramedics to make a timely response to our location. Thank you for the valuable life saving instruction that you masterfully provided us.
Michael Galateanu, Dining Supervisor
Top Ten University/School of Management

Just wanted you to know, yesterday was a long day. A lot of people were not too happy about being here until almost 7 last night, especially when they start work around 6:00 am, or like me 5:30 am, but Al Lermer did an excellent job on the class and talking to some of the others that took the class. We all agree that the class was presented extremely well. With all the stories and personal experiences told, it made the class well worth the time. I learned more last night then I ever did in the past about CPR and the AED. And so, great job on getting Al to do the class. I also think being that a lot of the office people took the class, we should have an AED in the lunchroom and probably have the rest of the office people that didn’t take the class take it so that everyone knows how to use it.
Vince Vacala, Project Manager, Chicago Illinois
Tyler Lane Construction Company

Dear Citywide,
Amy went above and beyond the course material, and used real life issues to help us understand. She showed passion for the job, and I really appreciated the training. This has been one of the best CPR/First Aid classes I have had. I would recommend her for anyone interested in becoming certified.
Schneider National
London Kentucky

Dear Citywide,
Our instructor was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this class to others. Great job!
Boston Massachusetts

Dear Citywide,
Duane was a great instructor. Not only was he extremely professional, but he was relatable and had a great sense of humor. The four-hour training went by so fast. He was very informative as well as “attention-grabbing”! We appreciated his enthusiasm, and the energy he brought to the course.
Schneider National
Atlanta Georgia

Alan is the consummate professional. He cares about his students and their ability to perform in emergency situations. His Fire Department background brings an added realism to the training. His personable approach to education inspires the students to learn and by the end of the class they are able to work together as a team. All in all, he has the perfect blending of education and experience. The classes always get rave reviews.
Sue Donnellan RN, Northfield, IL
One of the world’s leading food and beverage companies in Illinois

Alan is the best CPR instructor I’ve ever had, period.
Troop Leader, Winnetka Illinois
Boy Scout’s of America

John was a very personable and friendly instructor. Throughout the class, he entertained our questions and taught the skills with professionalism and patience. Because of his knowledge and approach, we feel a lot more confident about performing the skills.
Reno Nevada