AED And Your Everyday Life

October 9, 2015Comments Off on AED And Your Everyday Life

An Automated External Defibrillator or AED should be a staple in every public place, especially in public place where heart-related ailments like Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and Heart Attack occur at a high rate. Despite the dangers, the importance of AED in societies is not seen by a lot of people because they think nothing serious can happen.

The importance of AED in the lives of people is so high because you may never know when you would need one. In the beach when you are taking a stroll, can you be sure that people you know will not drown and require CPR? Or in the restaurant on someone’s birthday, are you certain that no one will collapse due to extreme heat? How about people you barely know, are you ready to help them when they need you for defibrillation?

Learn and arm yourself

An AED is a portable electronic device which uses two pads in giving a patient electrical shock when necessary. Sensors are attached to two pads that are wired to the device, which has a built-in computer. The computer shows important data like number of chest compressions needed, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.

The AED is the only device that can save a person from SCA-related cases. It has a computer which checks a person’s vitals, which is impossible for anyone to pull off without the assistance of electronic equipment. It delays the inevitable and gives health and safety enforcers enough time to respond to a scene. You do not just save someone, but you also buy them time with your AED.

You should not just install machines in crowded places, but you must also know how to use one. Paramedics may arrive later than expected even if you have called their attention multiple times. In that time span, the patient may be dying out. They need something to keep their blood circulating and oxygen levels balanced, which medics may not be able to give in time.

They do not need your bravado: they need your expertise in resuscitation. Study how to revive someone using different CPR techniques like chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  If one technique does not work, try chaining it with the other while using the defibrillator.

CPR Training

Affordable CPR training is available everywhere. It is up to you to sniff them out using your intuition and certainty. Both should be backed up by the right mx of price and quality. Even though some lessons are more expensive than others, you can always go on the internet for supplementary studies. It must be a lesson you are comfortable taking, and at the same time be inexpensive enough that you can take another lesson soon.

Look for a trainer with a decorated past. Do not just settle for someone just because they are cheap. Read reviews, scout the internet for your teacher’s profile and see if you can be taught how to revive properly. Otherwise it would be a waste of money.

Find someone who charges you less and makes you capable to come back for more. Remember that the importance of AED in the lives of others should be highlighted every time. And what more to do that than through learning the craft and making sure that every machine is calibrated to fit the needs of people.