AED Programs for Home

July 25, 2013Comments Off on AED Programs for Home

Normally, when a cardiac arrest incident takes places, the initial reaction of the people in the area would be fear and panic. What is worse is that they will most likely even hesitate to approach the victim and give them the help that they require. This is probably the case, especially if the person is not familiar with the procedures of reviving a person who is suffering from cardiac arrest. This is a scenario that is most common within people’s homes. People tend to be too aloof when it comes to making sure that the home is prepared for such medical emergencies. At most, a home is likely to have only the most basic first aid implements, which do not include AEDs. The people inside the household may not have even been trained to give CPR. This proves that safety should be ensured anywhere, even at home.

Today, the American Heart Association is doing everything it can in order to make people more aware of the importance of having the right knowledge to respond to a cardiac arrest. They clarify the necessity of having an AED program and undergoing CPR training. Since cardiac arrest is something that can happen anywhere, they enforce that an AED program is important for a public place as well as at home.

In an AED program, an individual will be presented to the very basics of AEDs such as defibrillation. In defibrillation, electric shocks are sent to the heart with the use of the AED. Several studies have proven that the use of CPR with defibrillation results to a 49% of survival for the cardiac arrest victim. For every minute that these two are not administered, the survival rate drops down by 10%.

Aside from the AED, an AED program also introduces the importance of applying CPR. In this procedure, the administrator delivers artificial air to the victim through mouth to mouth resuscitation. This is then followed by a couple of chest compressions. This helps the cardiac arrest victim’s blood flow from the heart to the brain until he or she regains heart function.

Nowadays, people can find an AED program that promotes Home AED. This is for individuals who have not undergone medical studies. A home AED can be easily operated by anyone just as Physio-Control products. Anyway, the device can help make it easier to attend to a friend or family member who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. It is a smart device that is able to direct its user with a voice prompt that goes over the step-by-step procedure on how it is used. This ensures the rescuer that they are doing the administration of the AED right. To boot, the device is even designed to accommodate even infants who are also susceptible to having sudden cardiac arrest. To make things better, it not only provides for a safe cardiac arrest rescue, but it also has an internal memory in which ECG data is stored, enabling medical professionals to review the incident that occurred while they are not around.