AED Saves a Child’s Life at a Sporting Event!

June 27, 2012Comments Off on AED Saves a Child’s Life at a Sporting Event!

CBS News reported a story on how a simple medical device such as an automated external defibrillator has saved the family from such heartbreaking tragedy in May 2012. According to the news, Tyler Symes, a 15-year old hockey player from Massachusetts was playing his favourite sport when he was hit by a puck which rendered him almost dead. Luck of all lucks, his life was immediately saved by an automated external defibrillator which was readily available on the ring side, and a hockey trainer who knew how to use the AED.

An automated external defibrillator is a medical wonder which is a portable device that was built to automatically diagnose the life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient. As a lifesaver, this device treats patients through the process of defibrillation, or in layman’s term, application of electrical therapy to establish a rhythmic activity on the heart. This same device saved the life of one potential hockey player whose only passion is to become a professional hockey player.

According to Tyler Symes’ coach and trainer Paul Agnese, the moment Tyler hit the ground, he knew he wasn’t breathing so he immediately hopped inside the ring and carried Tyler’s unconscious body, brought him over the ring side, and brought back his breathing after using the AED.

If it weren’t for the ring-side AED and the knowledge of his trainer to use the AED, the dreams of one young hopeful would have had vanished in thin air the moment that puck struck him. Once again, science and technology has proven its indispensability in life. In fact, science and technology itself is life.


Who knew what was going to happen that fateful day? Who knew that a person whose life is in total danger will need the help of a device such as AED, more so the skills of a person who knows how to use it?

As soon as that news broke out, it only strengthened the need for more people who know how to operate an AED, more so to manage it. Situations like this contribute to the solidarity of the government’s demand of requiring all medical facilities to comply with the rules of AED management and training on its usage. Also, in cases such as these, the help of training center such as the Citywide CPR are highly needed. Citywide CPR and the national government have come up with the partnership of requiring all hospitals and healthcare center to undergo an AED Program Management that will teach healthcare professionals on its rightful usage as well as its maintenance. This is important because no one knows how many lives it can save if it is properly used and operated. More so, no one knows how many lives can be put to risk or be totally lost if there is no AED or no one to operate the machine on emergency situations.

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