AED Saves Lives: Have Your Heroes Registered!

July 4, 2012Comments Off on AED Saves Lives: Have Your Heroes Registered!

Every day, there are 1,000 people in the United States who experience heart attacks. The survival and fate of these people solely relies to the immediate availability of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillators). These two have saved thousands of lives and can save even more if there is enough number of defibrillators available in every community. More so, they will be saved if all AEDs in the country are working properly and is well-managed by hospitals and other facilities who own them.

AEDs are lightweight and portable medical devices that automatically analyze the rhythm of the heart and calculate if there is a need for an electric shock to bring back the natural heartbeat of a person. The great number of instances that an AED has saved lives is all over the news. These devices are very easy to use and require very minimal training. The difficulty then lies on the maintenance and upkeep of the devices. Even though it has saved lives, it also lost some due to the fact that there might be some parts of the AED which are not properly stored or the batteries have maxed out. Due to that, the lives that have been lost could have been saved if it wasn’t for the neglectful ways of the people who operate or own them.

Recently, the Government of the United States has issued a nationwide law and campaign directing all medical facilities and other institutions and individuals who own or operate defibrillators to register their devices. AED registration is needed for two things: to assured that all parts of the device are properly working and maintained and for local emergency services to determine the nearest AED that can be used when there is a sudden case of a heart attack.

To implement the need for compliance, the government has partnered with the American Heart Association and Citywide CPR to call for all AED owners and facilitators to have their AEDs registered, certified and the owners trained. Citywide CPR is a training school for medical professionals. They conduct all sorts of online classes, training and exam and certifications ranging from AED products, training and certification, CPR Training, and others. They are in collaboration not just with AHA but also with Emergency Care and Safety Institute as the National Training Center and Site for everything related to AED and CPR.

With the classes from Citywide CPR, students will get a comprehensive training solution from their national network of trainers. They lead the way to medical oversight direction, AED program management and CPR/AED training in the entire country. They monitor your AEDs and gives you notifications when there is  part which needs replacement thus reducing your exposure from risks and liabilities in cases of emergencies.

Register your life-saving AEDs, comply with the law and give the best immediate services on desperate and emergency situations where the life of the survivor lies upon these automated external defibrillators.

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