AEDs: Getting with the Program

May 8, 2013Comments Off on AEDs: Getting with the Program

Considering how frequently it happens, you are probably familiar with what is known as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Whether you have personally witnessed someone suffer from it or seen a report somewhere, you can certainly tell to have something that can prevent the worst if such an incident happens in your area. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology today, people are given a solution for this type of emergency. Automated External Defibrillators, or you might simply call them AEDs, are devices that can be used to attend to a person having an SCA. With it, and a person who have undergone training for its use, a victim can be given the prompt medical response that they require. This is a great help since emergency medical professionals might not respond as quickly.

A sudden cardiac can occur at any time, place and on any person, having said that, it becomes imperative to have a safety program prepared in any area. Now, an AED program is pretty much implemented in working environments, public establishments and even at homes. Since the awareness for its need is widespread, more and more people have pursued the implementation of their AED program. It not only involves the purchase of an AED device, but also the proper training for its use.

Since saving a person’s life is what is at stake in having an AED program, experts absolutely recommend having them at your place. It actually goes along with training for CPR. Having you or your employees well-versed in both will give the most advantage. Assuming that you will only make use of CPR during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, the chances of the victim of surviving will only rise up to 5%. Administering both CPR and AED, there is more than 70% chance of survival for the victim.

The idea for corporate social responsibility has had a significant change recently whereas, now health and safety standards implemented within business establishments have been more enforced. As a result, business owners are now more inclined to make sure that both their employees and clients are safe within their premises. Having a properly managed AED program became mandatory to the extent that those who do not comply will be charged with negligence should an accident occur in their establishment. Mainly, schools and businesses are required to have AEDs.

In a executing an AED program, here are the things that you need to take note of. First of all, evaluate the current status of your establishment, how big it is and how many people are within. This also leads you to determining how many AEDs you need in your place. Consider the rule that AEDs should be administered to a sudden cardiac arrest victim within the first four minutes after.  Then, you should also check the PDA regulations set in your local area. This might vary in every state so you should see to it that you are not violating any rules in your area. All these steps will help you determine how you can effectively implement your AED program.