AEDs Need Proper Management to Save Lives

June 19, 2013Comments Off on AEDs Need Proper Management to Save Lives

AEDs are life-saving instruments that are used to address a sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA for short. They have been created to serve as a quick response kit for this incidence that calls for immediate action. Due to the fact that the survival rate of the victim steadily declines with every passing minute, calling a medical response team often is not enough. There might be a considerable distance to cover in between the area of the incident and the nearest hospital. With the use of an AED, an individual can quickly make a rescue operation that is made rather simpler with the sophisticated medical device.

Since accidents can practically happen anywhere at anytime, there has always been a great need for a little preparation. For companies, they are dealt with the increased responsibility of being ready for time-sensitive emergencies. One of which is sudden cardiac arrest which is now given the implementation of an AED program as the right preparation. Even business owners know that the issue of the growing incidence rate of sudden cardiac arrest is not something to be disregarded. More often than not, only sheer luck can bring an emergency response team early enough to give the professional treatment that a victim needs. Company owners are imparted with the idea that medical facilities can never be too close. Therefore, they need to be geared of the right equipment to attend to an SCA incident, hence an AED program is executed.  Every company of any nature of business will probably permanently practice this concept of responsibility.

An AED, which stands for Automated External Defibrillator, is a readily available device that is easy to use and typically affordable. They are known to be quite effective for rescues that involve helping someone who is suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. So far, most companies have already set their AED program while some are strongly inclined in doing the same thing. After all, this does not only ensure the safety of their clients and employees. Having an AED program also potentially decreases their liability and insurance premiums. Essentially, it becomes a win-win venture for everyone involved.

It cannot be denied that there are still many companies that are still currently not with their own AED program. For the most part, the problem is that they are still lacking some of the most important information that they will need to see just how important it is to have an AED, or otherwise to see how to do it the right way. The important thing that you should strictly stick to your mind is that the device or its brand is not the one that gives off the success rate of your program. While the AED is the centerpiece of the program, it is merely a device to be used upon a rescue operation. Two of the best things to do to have an adequate program is to make sure that the placement of each device is planned out and your personnel are trained for its use.