AHA and ARC Takes Action for AEDs

June 25, 2013Comments Off on AHA and ARC Takes Action for AEDs

At any age, gender or physical condition, anyone can be susceptible to having sudden cardiac arrest. Statistics done in the United States show that there are almost a million people who have fallen victim to heart disease yearly. More than 25% of the said million have suffered from cardiac arrest. On a positive note, the quick administration of AED gives a chance for 90% of these people to be saved.  It is for this reason that having an on-site AED in work and public areas has become very important

AEDs are Automated External Defibrillators, a device that gives a life-saving operation for those who suffer sudden cardiac arrest through doses of electrical shocks. A cardiac arrest means that the heart is beating at an erratic rate that will cease the blood circulation. This kind of incident can be easily addressed with an AED program through which the AED device will be placed on top of the victim’s chest. Doing so, the administer of the rescue procedure can analyze the condition of the heart through the device, regulate the rhythm to its normal state and ultimately revive the patient.

The health organization that is known as the American Heart Association , or simply AHA, is dedicated to making a country that is free of heart diseases. In their efforts, they have pushed the implementation of an AED program in every place where it is necessary. According to them, with the right education and training on how to properly use the AEDs, more than 100,000 can be saved. Apparently, the first step is to be properly informed about on-site AEDs. The next thing would be the actual setup of an AED program in various environments. In doing these steps, AHA believes that Sudden Cardiac Arrest incidents can be rid of fatalities at a rate of about 49%.

The organization knows that the training involved is not so easily accessed at just anywhere. This is why they took it upon themselves to be the lead the implementation of AED programs. At such, they have given people the chance to be trained for it with their own organized training programs. They are not alone when it comes to this venture as there are other organizations that provide such trainings. One example is the American Red Cross. They reinforce the use of an AED program as well as CPR in an emergency situation so they provide classes for both. Those who complete their courses become nationally certified rescuers, giving them the opportunity to use AEDs that are used by professional rescuers.

Since an AED is a modern device, you might think that it is too complicated to handle. On the contrary, it is made for an easy and simple use. The device gives a thorough guide on how to approach the condition of the victim. However, proper training for its use is vital for the rescuer for a successful rescue. This is the reason why every detail of the AED program, including the training for its use, needs to be precisely handled.