American Heart Association Instructs Firefighters to Tell Callers to Do CPR

July 9, 2012Comments Off on American Heart Association Instructs Firefighters to Tell Callers to Do CPR

A woman once called Ohio 911 and instead of being responded to, firefighters instructed the woman on how to conduct CPR to save her grandmother who was not breathing at that moment. This is because instead of rushing to the place only to find the patient dead, firefighters would much rather talk to the caller and instruct how to conduct CPR so that the patient will be saved right there and then. These days, instead of asking if the caller knew how to conduct CPR, they will tell them that they needed to do it together.

This directive came from the American Heart Association who changed its CPR guidelines of instead of doing a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; CPR will just be limited to chest compressions. This is an effort to get more bystanders to help people whose hearts have suddenly stopped while on the street or when there are no paramedics near or around.

With that, the effort of American Heart Association and firefighters nationwide have strengthened when it comes to encouraging their callers to conduct the CPR itself while medical help is not yet available. This is because studies have shown that people who have suddenly stopped breathing have higher chances of getting revived if they are given CPR immediately. This again puts the chest-compressing act to be the top first aid measure in situations that call for it.

As for the woman who called Ohio 911, she was forced to conduct CPR to her grandmother as she is the only one available at that moment. According to the firefighters she has talked to, CPR might be the hardest and emotionally-challenging thing she will ever do in her own life as the life of her grandmother depends on her, but she has got to do it. She needs to keep pumping her chest and guide her way to breathing while the paramedics are driving their way to their place. Luckily, the woman successfully revived her grandmother even before the paramedics arrived. She is another living proof that immediate CPR goes a long way in saving lives.

American Heart Association says that the chances of saving heart attacks can be tripled if any bystander or anyone who’s available at the area knows or is willing to conduct CPR immediately. This is the huge reason behind their national campaign of equipping the general public with the knowledge about first aid such as CPR.

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