An Electrical and Medical Wonder

March 14, 2013Comments Off on An Electrical and Medical Wonder

Even as kids, people already receive the lecture about how they need to be very careful around electrical devices. These items possessed an electrical charge that would have proven deadly if it came in direct contact with the human body. It is the reason for why parents always advised their children to steer clear of all those electrical sockets. The fascinating fact however is that the body itself is actually in possession of quite the impressive electrical system. This electrical system is in fact essential to the survival of the human body, and it is a system that is largely responsible for the orderly functioning of the heart.

The heart possesses an internal electrical system that controls its each and every essential function. This system is so organized that even the slightest bit of disturbance can allow it to malfunction in the most terrifying of ways. That interference may very well cause the heart to stop right in its tracks, and that right there is what needs to be avoided. The AED strives to protect the delicate and ordered system of the heart, and it does this through the provision of two highly important functions. One of the functions is concerned mainly with identifying the exact status of the heart’s rhythm. Needless to say, the rhythm of the heart is as good an indicator as any of its current status. If there is anything at all that is irregular with the rhythm then that is a good sign that there is trouble brewing. The AED effectively serves as a tool of prevention in this regard as it can keep people from actually having to deal with the heart attack.

The second function of the AED is used for the actual resuscitation process. Since the heart attack is unpredictable, it really does catch people off guard, and that stands as one of the leading reasons for why it is such an efficient killer. This makes the second function of the AED all the more important. The device is capable of providing a current of electricity that can set the rhythm of the heart back in order. Since the heart has an electrical system all its own, the entry of an external electric current can indeed set the rhythm of the heart right back to where it should be. This function is very crucial to saving lives, and it is what makes this device so valuable.

The functions of the AED are obviously important, but so too are its inherent characteristics. This device has been designed to be very portable, and that enables it to be taken along for almost any event. This makes the device even more important in densely populated venues since it can be deployed almost immediately even with very little notice. Another one of the device’s better qualities is the fact that it is very easy to use. It provides visual and audio prompts to the user, and that means that even individuals with no knowledge of the device can use it when absolutely necessary.

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