An Exceedingly Helpful Medical Device

March 18, 2013Comments Off on An Exceedingly Helpful Medical Device

Part of what makes the human body truly remarkable is its collection of complex systems. The respiratory, circulatory, and all the other systems found deep within the body are responsible for it functioning as well as it does. The duty of each and every individual is to properly take care of the organs contained within these systems so that the body itself is allowed to operate at its peak levels. The unfortunate reality is that no matter how well some people may take care of themselves, the body will still break down eventually. At that point, the only things that can help it are devices such as the AED.

The main organ of the cardiovascular system is the heart, and as it just so happens, it is also one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body. For all its essential functions, the heart still remains remarkably fragile, and it is the reason for why so many medical devices have been engineered to meet its vulnerability. The AED is one of those devices, and it truly does excel at keeping the heart going. The automated external defibrillator has two very basic and very essential functions. One function is essential to the diagnostic process. The heart possesses an electrical system, but in order for that system to work properly, it also needs to possess a very steady rhythm. This is where the AED comes in. It identifies the type of rhythm that exists in the heart of an individual, and it states whether or not it is normal or irregular. That one simple function can save countless lives all over the world as it can prevent disaster before it even gets a chance to strike.

The second function of the AED is even more important since it actually is responsible for saving people’s lives. Once that electrical system of the heart starts to fall into disarray, one of the things that can help it go back into order is the provision of an external electrical current. This current can work to restore the rhythm of the heart. It does not matter if the heart is beating too fast or too slow since this electrical shock is designed to restore the rhythm no matter the malfunction.

The automated external defibrillator possesses two very important functions, but those would be useless were it not for the device’s two inherent qualities. First off, the AED is very portable. That means that the device is easy to take along for almost any event in almost any venue. The fact that it is so easy to take along translates to it being present even in the most seemingly remote locations. It also means that it can be used just about everywhere so no victim of cardiac arrest will have to be left unattended thanks to the presence of this device. It is also very easily operated thanks to the fact that it provides audio and visual prompts to the user. This combination of qualities allows it to be used by everyone in almost every location.

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