An Overview of AED Programs

August 19, 2013Comments Off on An Overview of AED Programs

It may be unfortunate to say so but it is a fact that all people, no matter what age, gender or physical condition, can sustain heart problems. SCAs or sudden cardiac arrests, in particular, are abrupt inflictions that can endanger the life of an individual in an instant. To make matters worse, the United States has started getting more and more cases of heart-related incidents in the recent years. For each year even, an estimate of around one million is consistently being recorded. From the number of one million each year, about 25% is from the so-called SCA in which the individual is practically dead within the next few minutes of the attack. With such a great problem, however, there is still an adequate solution available. This is called an AED (Automated External Defibrillation) device, which supposedly resulted over 90% of the eroded number of SCA casualty victims to survive their ordeals. Considering the great help that it gives in saving people’s lives, it has been effectively turned into one of the most important elements of an operating commercial establishment.  The ultimate resolve did not stop at AED device installation though, but instead, the implementation of an AED program. Here is an overview of what you need to learn about it.

First, what are AED devices?

AED devices are the equipment used to revive the victims of SCAs. These are very sophisticated and made easy to operate for the benefit of those who will administer the AED operation. Of course, the ease of use also result t the more secured success of the rescue attempt. Through the device, shocks are delivered by doses, targeting to gain back the heart function or stabilize the heartbeat rate to normal. What makes the SCE very dangerous is that the heart beats at an erratic rate that it disrupts the blood circulation. Through the AED administration of a trained individual, the heart function will be regulated and the victim is subsequently revived. Of course, it is only through a good AED program implementation that you can have both the devices needed and the people with the appropriate training for its use in your establishment.

The importance of an AED program

This is the reason why organizations like the American Heart Association continue to push forward the importance of having an AED program in every commercial establishment. It is their goal to reduce the heart-disease problems in the country and of course, public access defibrillators (PADs) are the easy answer. Keeping true to their goals, they offer AED trainings and other sessions concerning the education for AED. They believe that if they can successfully do their bidding, over 100,000 people can be saved from sure death in SCA attacks.

What you should do

If you are one who owns or runs an establishment of your own, you should definitely do your part and have an AED program running in your place. By doing so, you will be in support of a meaningful goal that concerns many lives.