Be A Certified Lifesaver with Citywide CPR Inc.’s Top Notch Classes, Trainings and Certification Programs!

June 22, 2012Comments Off on Be A Certified Lifesaver with Citywide CPR Inc.’s Top Notch Classes, Trainings and Certification Programs!

Training is a very important aspect in the medical field. There has been a great number of medical malpractice and errors where medical practitioners and assistants were to be blamed. Because of this, not only were the lives of the patients put in severe danger, but also the reputation of the medical institution itself. These things would not have happened if all medical assistants who are taking care of the patients are knowledgeable about patient care. Furthermore, there are also some instances when a patient will experience sudden cardiac arrests that will put their lives in danger. In cases such as this, the medical assistant in attendance must know how to conduct a first aid measure to save the patient’s life while the doctor is not yet around.


For this matter, the government has issued a law where all medical assistants and first aid assistants will undergo a class, training and certification in order to attest their knowledge, skills and expertise in dealing with patients on a regular basis. On that note, one must know about Citywide CPR Inc.

Citywide CPR Inc. is the company that offers different classes, training programs and recertifications to individuals who are pursuing a career in medical assistance. They are the national partner of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute and American Safety and Health Institute when it comes to training the next generation of qualified and competitive medical professionals.

Citywide CPR Inc. offers a myriad of programs such as BLS, CPR and First Aid Certification, AED Training, Certification and Servicing, ACLS and PALS Certification, and OSHA Training and Certification. Their services are not only for individuals but also for the medical institutions who want to keep up with the laws of the government and one of them is the AED program training. Through this program, hospitals will be able to comply with the requirements when it comes to the operation, management and maintenance of Automatic External Defibrilator.

As for their classes, they are at the top of the pack when it comes to providing comprehensive courses that are not just swift, but they are also taught by industry professionals such as doctors and firefighters who lives and breathes first aid essentials every day.

If one wishes to apply at Citywide CPR Training, you will be amazed that they have so many branches that you can choose from if you opt to study in a physical classroom. However, if you have a day job, you can choose their online classes so that you can still work during the day and study at night and on weekends.

With either classroom-based learning or self-directed online training with skills sessions, Citywide CPR can provide you with quality education and training. They are located in almost all states in the US which makes them a national provider and the neighborhood schools for individuals who want to learn with them.

If you are interested to apply for CPA Training, take a look at our website for a Citywide CPR center near you.