Be a Life-Saver through CPR Training

February 10, 2012Comments Off on Be a Life-Saver through CPR Training

Heart attack is the number one killer in the United States. It happens suddenly and it can befall on you or to your family. Since it can occur in any place, it is best that family and friends know the first aid and how to properly execute it. Indeed, everyone should undergo a training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation to manually preserve the patient’s condition until help arrives. Life can be lost in minutes and emergency preparedness can be the only key.

Cardiac arrest can be caused by one or more risk factors such as family history, obesity, poor dieting, and smoking. Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the causes of death of adults in America. A person’s chance for survival decreases by a significant 10 percent every minute that CPR is not performed. Since the medical procedure is intended to delay tissue death and restore partial flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and blood, it is only necessary to perform CPR. Americans know this fact but only a portion of them takes this seriously and subject their selves to CPR training.

Reports show that there are almost 300,000 sudden cardiac arrest incidents and 80 percent of those occurrences happen in a victim’s home. At least 94 percent of the mentioned number of cases dies before they reach a hospital. Only 27 percent, on the other hand, were able to receive CPR treatment.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has been relentlessly campaigning and disseminating information to increase the number of people to undergo CPR training.

The length of CPR training can vary depending on the curriculum being provided as well as the content of the course. Citywide CPR Inc. is an AHA-accredited training center offering CPR training recertification to interested individuals. This company is catering a wide variety of medical and emergency training which can be accessed either through traditional instruction or convenient online training course.

You can also get your American Heart Association certificate that is good for two years at any of their authorized locations across US. Citywide CPR has been AHA-certified for over 20 years already. Since CPR courses are now offered and instructed in various ways and curricula, Citywide CPR has a number of classes that you can choose from. It includes Basic Life Support (BLS) training and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) program. AED training, First Aid Package, Bloodborne Pathogen Training, and other CPR training programs is also offered.

BLS type is the level of medical care used for patients in the pre-hospital setting and is just waiting full medical care at a hospital. This type of emergency procedure is given if an ACLS cannot easily be performed. The ACLS program, on the other hand, is offered to individuals who are planning to be a licensed American Heart Association ACLS provider. The package usually includes a number of advance courses necessary for healthcare professionals. The Bloodborne Pathogen training course is the leading training program that addresses the strict and particular federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Aside from the online course and classroom training, Citywide CPR also offers workplace training program for companies located anywhere in the country. If you are interested in CPR training, please take a look to check our website.