Be Certified and Save a Life

October 15, 2015Comments Off on Be Certified and Save a Life

Technology should make things more convenient and not replace how people interact and do things. Take learning crucial skills like AED usage and CPR, for example. The first stands for Automated External Defibrillator and the second means Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Learning these skills should be done face-to-face with an instructor.

This article is not anti-technology. Without it, an AED would not have seen the light of day and we would be stuck with using our bare hands in reviving. This article is anti-laziness because learning it on the field is 1000 times better over online lessons. The latter provides comfort because these lessons are meant to teach you at the comfort of your home.

Actual is better than virtual

Learning the basics and advanced tricks and techniques is one thing. Applying them and being exposed to the world around you while performing chest compressions or mouth-to-mouth is another. CPR certification may come quicker with online classes, but the lessons you can learn while doing it face-to-face with your instructor and patient, plus the experiences you garner from each encounter can never be amounted by comfortable options.

One of the many lessons you can get from CPR certification is the certificate is just a title, a piece of paper that tells people that you are talented. What you have to show to them is your capability to bring back their loved one back to consciousness.

Do not settle for convenience. Settle with learning something firsthand all the time. Unless you already have experience and background with CPR, taking online classes can be detrimental to the person you are reviving when doing it for the first time. The interaction between guru and learner disappears when CPR certification is done online.

Repeat training again

When planning to get certification, make sure that you know everything about revival and resuscitation. It would be a shame to be called certified when you could not execute basic and simple processes easily.  If you think you are not yet ready to get certified, practice and train to get better.

Better does not mean quick in everything, better means being accurate and reliable, calm and focused when handling a patient. You are not just resuscitating someone, but you are also being their health partner. Health is important and must be put on a pedestal every time it is in danger.

Practice makes perfect. Do it again and again and you will get the hang of things in no time. CPR certification is a working progress that you must do excellently. You are the only hope your patient may have. Call paramedics for support even if you have things under control.

CPR Certification: a responsibility

You have the title and certified to carry out and handle big tasks. You have papers showing you have been trained for CPR. They will respect your paper, your position, and you in general. it feels so good to be acknowledged for your skills.

CPR certification can come swiftly, especially if you did your homework. It can be a burden to carry especially if you are not ready to handle heavy and intense case studies. But most of the time, it is a bragging right you can carry anywhere. People will acknowledge you and respect your talents.