Good AED Management Can Increase the Value of Your Workplace

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provided some vital information with regards to the occurrence of Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) in the workplace. According to its report, there are approximately 10,000 cases of SCAs that occur in workplaces. Since 95% out of the total cardiac arrest cases die before they reach the hospital, there is now a need for businesses to implement a good AED management program in their respective workplaces. This will definitely increase the chances of survival of individuals who may unexpectedly suffer from cardiac arrest while at work, and at the same time give more value to the business.

Since SCA is the leading cause of death all over America, your ability to have proper AED management will surely make your workplace heart safe. This means that you implement the necessary equipment, training and skill within your place of business, to ensure that your place is less-riskier when it comes to such a situation.

The American Heart Association recommends certain programs that can make businesses heart safe. These programs include record keeping, heart safe training, maintenance of AEDs and having a licensed physician that will oversee the entire AED program, in order to ensure its effectiveness. The recommended number of trained personnel for AEDs, in a single location is 10. Those providing AED programs would normally train 10 people in a particular organization or company that will have the ability to respond and provide first-aid AED solutions whenever emergency situations occur. Training for AED usually includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR. This is needed since AED works more efficiently in conjunction with CPR.

What normally happens during emergencies, where an employee or an officer will suddenly collapse is that trained AED/CPR personnel will give CPR responses, and subsequently AED. By implementing this first-aid recourse at the earliest, you can just save the life of an individual.

With a good AED management program running in the workplace, you will see and feel many benefits such as:

  1. Workers are more confident in the company as a whole. They will come to trust your company even more, considering that you show them that you do care for their welfare in the workplace.
  2. Peace of mind. This may not be very apparent, but knowing that you have a good management program running, you can be assured that your company is ready for medical emergencies.
  3. Increasing business value. Showing the public that your business cares for its employees can literally increase the positive perception of the public towards your business as a whole.
  4. Readiness and preparedness. When emergencies arise, your workplace wouldn’t be in total chaos. There will be personnel to handle the situation with precision, who have been trained to attend to such emergencies, and provide the best medical solutions.
  5. Lives will be saved. Every second matters when it comes to helping people survive emergency situations.

These are just some of the benefits that proper AED management can bring to your business. With these great benefits, your business will be a safer place for everyone.

Uphold a Safe Work Environment

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Emergencies typically happen at hindsight. You never get a warning and everything can be quite frantic when the unexpected occurs. For an instance, one normal day at work can suddenly make a turn for the worst when one of the employees suddenly suffers a cardiac arrest. Typically, your first response is to have someone call 911 for an immediate response team to arrive and deal with the problem as soon as possible. However, you should be realistic enough that this is rarely what happens. Odds are, the supposed quick response team will take some time before they can actually arrive at the scene. The problem is that, a sudden cardiac arrest is not an emergency that can wait. In a matter of minutes, you can possibly lose the life of a valued employee if they are not administered with the right CPR first aid help immediately. Now, before this hypothetical scene becomes a reality, you better take it upon yourself to figure out a comprehensive CPR & first aid program that will secure your workplace from such incidents.

It is important to note that all of your employees should be required to have knowledge in applying even the most basic CPR first aid rescue. This makes it so that in case an emergency transpires, they would all have the goods to be of help instead of just forming a crowd of bystanders waiting for someone else to make the rescue attempt. Studies reveal that sudden cardiac arrests are mostly survived by victims thanks to an early CPR first aid or defibrillation rescue by someone in close proximity. Meanwhile, medical personnel are known to take at least 8-12 minutes before they can arrive which is not good considering the first four minutes of the attack is critical. By then, the survival rate of the victim is significantly reduced.

Apart from having the employees trained for every CPR first aid techniques, the place would also need to be setup with all the proper life-saving equipment and devices such as first aid kits and AEDs. While purchasing the first aid kits is as basic as it gets – technically you just buy the right amount that fulfills the need of your workplace – buying AEDs might be a different story. For AEDs, it is important to make sure you get the right brand and a trustworthy distributor. It is also imperative that you set the right placement for your AEDs, seeing to it that at least one is at reach at any given area of your workplace where an incident might happen. Of course, it is ideal that your employees are trained for an specific brand so that they will know full well how to use them.

In order for your CPR first aid and AED program to be truly effective, you must see to it that you hire an expert to train your people well. There are many organizations that are keen on promoting these types of program so they should not be too hard to find. Manage your CPR, first aid and AED program well and you can have a much safer work environment.

Things You Must Know about CPR Classes

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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, also simply known as CPR, is a valuable, life-saving technique that is necessary to learn. Fortunately, many people are aware of this necessity and most make the effort to pursue its knowledge. Basically, there are people who are actually required to learn it and you might be surprised that not all of them are actually professionally-related to the medical field. Teachers, trainers, law enforcement; these are only a few examples of them. Required or not, however, you can definitely at a great advantage in life if you learn how to do CPR. The mere fact that it gives you the opportunity to save a person’s life should be a quick selling point on its own. CPR classes are being offered everywhere in the country these days and you should definitely take advantage of them. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should do so, perhaps these few considerations might give you a clearer mindset.

In these CPR classes, you will be undergoing a comprehensive training of a technique that has effectively saved the lives of many people for years. Many of those successful rescue cases did not involve professional rescue teams. Ordinary individuals who took the time – 8 hours to be exact – to train for the technique have conceived some successful rescue attempts. Quite easily, you can be one of those heroic figures if you have trained properly through certified CPR classes.

CPR training classes provide hands-on experience, allowing you to experience an adequate simulation of how you should approach an actual emergency. Evidently, practical training can only get you as far and some technical errors have gone in the way of successful rescue attempts before. That said, a hands-on experience will be a better assurance that you have understood fully how to do CPR.

Online CPR training classes are available for those who do not have much time to spare. In case you find it difficult to squeeze in the regular classes in your busy schedule, you can have the privilege of handling your own time in CPR training through these online classes. You simply signup and use the given video demonstrations and course materials to undergo your personal training at home. The value of this training is just the same as an actual CPR class. You will also be given the chance to have hands-on practice and live demonstrations by having an instructor visit you on-site.

CPR classes include the training for AED use. Automated External Defibrillators are valuable devices that significantly increase the success rate of a rescue attempt. Thus, the classes will emphasize on their importance and will help you learn how to achieve a proper AED program in case you run your own establishment.

CPR classes provide additional first aid training that you can use in varying emergency situations. Obviously, an emergency is a very unpredictable event and more than one thing can go wrong. For that, these classes will have you prepared all the way, giving more than enough reasons to take them.

The Relationship of AED and CPR Training

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In any type of setting – school, hospital, even at home or your usual vacation spot – there is always the possibility of an accident. Major or not, it is always an advantage to have the goods in order to take immediate action. Fortunately, there are now a lot of organizations that provide the proper training for two of the most important life-saving elements which are AED and CPR. The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are only two of the primary examples. The following are some of the important details that you need to know in order to understand AED and CPR training better.

First of all, CPR is the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, a life-saving technique that is commonly used in cardiac arrest as well as drowning incidents. It is a combination of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions. If not trained properly, someone who administers CPR may potentially cause harm to the victim’s body. Meanwhile, AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, a sophisticated device that can be used in order to induce shocks that bring back a victim’s bodily functions, mainly the heartbeat. While the AEDs are typically made user-friendly so that even non-medical professionals can handle them, there is still a certain level of knowledge that the rescuer should have of the device for them to use it effectively. Evidently, AED CPR training is something that is greatly required if either of the two life-saving practices is to be applied successfully.

You need to distinguish each from the basic courses of AED CPR training. There are adult CPR classes, child CPR classes, infant CPR classes, AED for infants, AED for kids and AED for adults. Each of these training classes caters to different levels of training which are suitable for corresponding situations. For example, infant and child CPR classes as well as AED for kids and infants are good for babysitters and teachers. Meanwhile adult CPR classes and AED training are better-suited for private trainers and office workers. Of course, there are generalized AED CPR training classes for people who do not necessarily undergo the training for their career.

If you want to have a certificate that recognizes your ability to administer CPR and AED rescue, you need to find the institutions that grant certification for their training courses. Albeit, most of them provide the certification, you must also see to it that you find the ones that have highly-qualified instructors so that your certification is not merely for display. This gives you the confidence that you are truly a qualified rescuer-to-be yourself. At most, a certification card will be valid for two years. You will then, have to do a revisit of the AED CPR training course to renew your certification.

When you find a place to undergo your AED CPR training, you should find out the extent of their training program. There are those that put an emphasis on practical training, with coaching and hands-on training included. Obviously, these classes can give you a more definite learning experience for both AED and CPR.


The Ability to Act in an Emerged as Granted by Proper Training

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You’ll never see it coming, and even when you do, all that you can really do if you are unprepared is to look on at the situation with utter bewilderment and not too mention a healthy dose of dread. These are the things that a heart attack introduces to people, and more often than not, the only things that people can do is to stand by, watch and hope against all hope that someone is indeed about to swoop in and save the day. This is wishful thinking in most cases as the people who do indeed possess the requisite training to act accordingly in these situations are not likely to be around for every such instance of disaster. This makes it all the more imperative for people to ensure that they can act on their own in order to protect their loved ones, and that is precisely the reason for the widespread provision of CPR training.

For those who may not be entirely familiar with it yet, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the procedure that is usually practiced for when there is a person nearby who has just suffered from a heart attack and there are no medical devices immediately present that are actually capable of aiding in this situation. The importance of CPR basically boils down to the fact that it can help preserve brain function. It’s a crucial characteristic of the procedure, and it may perhaps even be its most important one. Seeing as how the brain is uniquely important to the biological machine that is known as the body, that only makes it more important for it to be protected and preserved at all costs. Limiting damage to the brain or just completely absolving it from such things is important to maintaining its overall health, because even a minor hiccup in the brain’s mechanism can lead to significant damage the likes of which a person may never be able to recover from.

Now that people have a better understanding of what CPR is actually about, they will also become better equipped to learn about the steps that are inherently involved in it. The first step of the process is training about diagnosing, and once people understand how this is done, they will become more adept at springing into action when such a thing is actually required. The next step will then necessitate the application of continuous chest compressions, with each being applied at up to 5 centimeters. The last part of the process is about the provision of air into the collapsed individual’s body. All the steps are designed to minimize harm and improve the odds for the brain suffering as little damage as possible from the onset of a heart attack.

There is no way to tell when disaster to strike so being prepared is simply the best thing that people can do. A little bit of training when it comes to CPR can very well make the difference in a person’s real life, and that alone should necessitate it being learned by everyone.

Have Yourself a Comprehensive AED Program Following Three Steps

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If you are a business owner, you will find more than enough reasons to have your place setup with an adequate amount of Automated External Defibrillation (AED) devices. Apart from their actual use of saving people’s live during SCAs or respiratory problems, you would also automatically be exhibiting a good sense of security for your employees and customers. In that respect, both are likely to develop of a great deal of trust with your supervision. After all, they know that the installation of the AED devices is for their great benefit.

Despite the great effect of having AED devices though, you would not be fully doing your job if it was not a full AED program that you have implemented in your place. This will involve a lot of planning and preparations. Here, the open environment is not only designated with a certain number of AED devices. The goal is to have people trained for the use of the devices besides the device itself. This can also be referred to as Public Access Defibrillation (PAD). This also entails having the AED devices situated in the appropriate locations with respect to their distances with each other. Through an AED program, there should be efficiency in assessing any possible SCA incident in any part of the premises. At that, there should always be a trained individual close enough to come to the rescue of the victim wherever they get in the need of an AED rescue.  Now that you have gained an understanding of how AED programs, you should then go over how you can implement your own. Here are the steps you should take.

First, consider the specific needs you have. The durability of the device, level of support and others, these are very important aspects to weigh on for your AED program. These will be the greatest determinants as to how effectively and how long the devices can be useful to your business operations.

Second, you should know that there are any available manufacturers offering different types and models of AED devices. Naturally, once you have determined your specific needs, you should choose which distributors can give you high quality products that are offered at the appropriate rates. You should always bear I mind that what you need is the most cost-effective purchase. If you find distributors with considerably affordable prices, you can make an extensive research on them to make sure how they fare when it comes to quality.

Finally, perhaps the first two steps will not be worth the effort without; the appropriate training of AED administration for your employees. In your AED program, you would need not one, but a lot of people in your team to be capable of administering an AED rescue. As a matter of fact, in most cases, the entire staff of the establishment is trained for it. This secures that in the event of an SCA, there is always someone available who is ready to apply the necessary help.

By securing these three steps, your business can have a foolproof AED program.

CPR Training: Either a Firm Requirement or an Advantageous Option

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Regardless of the nature of your job, you would probably be able to comprehend how important it is to have had CPR training should immediate rescue comes necessary. While for some it comes optional for some, however, other jobs actually are strictly required to undergo the training courses as art of the qualification. Unlike what you might initially think, these jobs are not simply the ones involved in the field of health care. Apparently, the basis upon which it is decided whether or not a professional should be required to have CPR training depends on their likeliness to become exposed to emergencies that need to be applied with the technique of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Of course, such emergencies include sudden cardiac arrests and respiratory failure.

It is through the efforts of the American Heart Association that many professionals are reinforced to learn of the importance to get ready to perform a well-conducted CPR while on duty, if necessary of course. They non-government organization stresses clearly how important it is that the administration of poorly executed CPR to be kept at a minimum, if not totally avoided. Based on their standards, an individual must not only learn of CPR but the comprehensive guideline in which it can be performed successfully. There are certain techniques that need to be followed and principles to be kept in mind through the ordeal. Now, the following individuals are officially required to take CPR training and be certified for its application.

  • Fireman – This makes great sense as these are individuals whose purpose is to rescue fire victims. Their job is not limited to putting out fires as you might simply think. It is of great essence that they make sure that the people trapped inside a burning structure be brought out and given the immediate rescue they need. This would often include CPR as suffocation is one of the primary hazards during a fire.
  • Trainer – A trainer, most often for sports and such, would often have their trainees under physically demanding activities. That being the case, they should be ready in case the trainee suddenly encounters breathing problems and such which can be a common scene in training sessions. By going through CPR training classes, the professional trainer can make sure that their trainee is safe in their hands.
  • Construction personnel – Given the hazards at their job, construction workers definitely need a lot of safety reassurance. Clearly, this includes having each of them certified for CPR administration. Through this, any one of them can come to the other’s rescue should an incident occur and the need for CPR surfaces.
  • Volunteers – Volunteers at hospitals, nursing homes and relief centers; all are required to have the ability to perform CPR if they were to be effective in what they do. Seeing as they are called volunteers, they should be reliable in the case where they are the only ones present to provide the immediate rescue necessary.

These are only a few examples of the jobs that entail the need for CPR training. Remember that whether or not your job requires it, it would definitely be of great benefit for you to learn the technique yourself.

Facts about CPR Training

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Statistics continues to show that more and more people suffer from sudden cardiac arrests every year. Of course, there are also victims of drowning and other emergencies that relate to respiratory problems. Old or young, apparently no one is entirely safe from going through such an instantaneous need for rescue. Fortunately, it also has been determined that with immediate action using the technique called CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the chances of survival for the victims are significantly improved. Needless to say, if it is your loved ones who are in need of CPR rescue, you would want to be capable of helping them. If not, then you might find yourself dealing with the consequence of being helpless at times when only you can be of help to the victim. Always remember that the aforementioned emergencies can happen at any time with sudden cardiac arrests creeping close even when you are at home. With that, you will make sense of how important it is to undergo CPR training. The following are some of the facts surrounding the life-saving technique and the training for it.

  • First of all, CPR training is made much more accessible today than it ever was. In United States, every state practically has its own sites for the training programs supervised by different organizations. The likes of the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross are pushing the importance of people going under the training to great lengths, hence all the available training programs across the country.
  • To add, there are now available online CPR training courses apart from the on-site training classes. These courses, designed for people who cannot find the time to visit the centers that execute the training classes, are made easier to access. As some would say, this is the most convenient way to learn the valuable, life-saving technique. Not only does it save time but it also allows for a more personalized training.
  • Next, seeing how certain environments are more exposed to the threats of sudden cardiac arrests and respiratory problems, there are now many places that have made it compulsory for people to undergo CPR training programs. To be specific, several government offices and non-government medical organizations have ensured that their employees are geared with the knowledge of CPR application. Moreover, since hospitals are establishments that need to portray a completely safe environment, the entire staff, and not only the professional medical team, should be familiar with the administration of CPR.
  • By undergoing CPR training programs, you are allowing yourself you are giving yourself the ability to take control of a life and death situation. It is a fact that, in a moment a person is in need of a CPR rescue, they are practically seconds away from losing their life. Immediate rescue is their only chance of survival and you pretty well may be the only one who can provide it. Suffice it to say, you can never go wrong by learning the life-saving technique and having the capability of saving lives.

An Overview of AED Programs

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It may be unfortunate to say so but it is a fact that all people, no matter what age, gender or physical condition, can sustain heart problems. SCAs or sudden cardiac arrests, in particular, are abrupt inflictions that can endanger the life of an individual in an instant. To make matters worse, the United States has started getting more and more cases of heart-related incidents in the recent years. For each year even, an estimate of around one million is consistently being recorded. From the number of one million each year, about 25% is from the so-called SCA in which the individual is practically dead within the next few minutes of the attack. With such a great problem, however, there is still an adequate solution available. This is called an AED (Automated External Defibrillation) device, which supposedly resulted over 90% of the eroded number of SCA casualty victims to survive their ordeals. Considering the great help that it gives in saving people’s lives, it has been effectively turned into one of the most important elements of an operating commercial establishment.  The ultimate resolve did not stop at AED device installation though, but instead, the implementation of an AED program. Here is an overview of what you need to learn about it.

First, what are AED devices?

AED devices are the equipment used to revive the victims of SCAs. These are very sophisticated and made easy to operate for the benefit of those who will administer the AED operation. Of course, the ease of use also result t the more secured success of the rescue attempt. Through the device, shocks are delivered by doses, targeting to gain back the heart function or stabilize the heartbeat rate to normal. What makes the SCE very dangerous is that the heart beats at an erratic rate that it disrupts the blood circulation. Through the AED administration of a trained individual, the heart function will be regulated and the victim is subsequently revived. Of course, it is only through a good AED program implementation that you can have both the devices needed and the people with the appropriate training for its use in your establishment.

The importance of an AED program

This is the reason why organizations like the American Heart Association continue to push forward the importance of having an AED program in every commercial establishment. It is their goal to reduce the heart-disease problems in the country and of course, public access defibrillators (PADs) are the easy answer. Keeping true to their goals, they offer AED trainings and other sessions concerning the education for AED. They believe that if they can successfully do their bidding, over 100,000 people can be saved from sure death in SCA attacks.

What you should do

If you are one who owns or runs an establishment of your own, you should definitely do your part and have an AED program running in your place. By doing so, you will be in support of a meaningful goal that concerns many lives.

Value in Learning CPR: Taking Advantage of Online Courses

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There are certain times when a life is one the line and immediate rescue is necessary. At these times, it can either be you or someone else in the scene who could administer the help necessary. In case, the other person argues that they do not know how to apply the necessary rescue, what will you do then? Will you simply argue in return that you do not know how to give the necessary rescue as well or will you be able to stand up and take control of the emergency situation? Considering your two options, it is clear that the latter is the best answer. Just think of what it could mean if someone you love was the one in need of help?

Now, there are more than a few first aid techniques that can help you get in between a matter of life and death effectively. One of which is CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation; a technique wherein the heartbeat rate or breathing patterns are restored to their normal state through chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It is a valuable technique that many wish to learn but do not necessarily want to put into actual practice at the same time. This is because emergency cases that come in need of an immediate CPR have intricate complications. Not only should the execution should be well-guided but the victim involved is practically in a dead state, giving you only a few minutes to succeed in your rescue attempt. At that, you can say that there is a lot of pressure in administering CPR but a great deal of reward as well if successful. In order to reassure you of the latter, you can undergo what is called CPR training.

Anyone of any age is encouraged to learn of the life-saving technique through CPR training. From kids to adults, it is quite a beneficial skill to learn, especially since anyone can become in need of a CPR rescue. Fortunately, people are given much easier access to these so-called CPR training courses today. One of the easiest ways to get the training is through an online course.

In an online CPR program, you are given a lot of advantages. One will be the fact that you would only need to invest a short amount of time per day for your sessions. In the first place, the introduction of online CPR training courses is purposely made for people who do not have enough time to take on-site CPR classes in various health care institutions and centers. Thus, with these online courses, you get to have control over your time in learning the technique.

Another advantage is that you get to learn from home. This allows you to learn together with your family. By the tie you and your family finished the designated length of five hours though the classes, you can then take the examination. If you pass, then you and your family are effectively certified for the application of the life-saving technique.

With online CPR training there is much less reason for you to decline from learning the technique that can potentially help you in case of an emergency.