Why AEDs are Vital to Have in Your Workplace

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest, or simply SCA is a serious matter as it has reportedly been the cause of death of more than 350,000 people in the US. It is definitely worrisome that these so called SCAs are generally common and can be inflicted upon anyone of any age. Administering CPR and defibrillation are two of the effective ways to counter such an incident though there is very limited time allotted before it ultimately proves useless. For these reasons, it is important to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ready in one area. Better yet, an appropriate program for it should be readily set should an SCA happen.

These days, the need for an AED program is not unheard of by most people. As the discovery of various health issues are brought to light, so are the adequate aids for them. For SCAs which are becoming more and more common for people due to a lack of maintaining healthy habits, there is the solution of installing an AED program  in public places, work areas and even residential places. The life-saving implement is not only simply demanded by people, but it is even actually required by law at most places.  They come with the benefit of security, whereas for a public establishment, the execution of such a program, not only makes the customers feel safe but also the employees.

In the United states, training for the proper use of AEDs and suitable implementation of an AED program is a widespread trend that is sought out by many establishment owners who want their place to be more guaranteed of minor health risks. Though the provision of CPR during an SCA emergency is also an appropriate action to take, this only gives up to 5% guarantee that the person will survive the attack. On the contrary, using an AED after administering CPR will give an increased survival rate of up to 75%. This clearly shows how relevant it is to have an AED program in one place. This program not only entails the purchase of an AED device, but also the designation of a trained individual who can handle an SCA situation.

Given what impact it makes on the survival probability of SCA victims, the ideals of corporate social responsibility has seen a significant change, as well as the business practices that are involved therein. The standards of care has been updated with the addition of AED program training during the continuous search for the ways to cope with the needs of both clients and employees. This has been put at such a high priority that disregarding the installation of an AED in a business establishment has become a possible ground for negligence in several areas. There are even states that required facilities such as schools to be AED ready. It should also be noted that having an on-site AED in your place can decrease liability and insurance premiums if you happen to own a company, given that you have the sufficed amount of AED for the size of your work area.

The Socially Responsible Person

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Emergency cases like heart attack require immediate response from a person capable of administering CPR. This is what makes cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as an important skill that is recommended by national health organizations to learn. The good thing about this skill is that you do not need to be a practicing medical staff to use CPR. You just need to get CPR Training from an accredited school and pass the certification exam to become eligible for performing it during the most needed times. Unfortunately, no one will ever know when they may need to use the life-saving skills they can learn from this training. So, it is extremely important to be prepared at all costs and this can be achieved by fully immersing yourself in a CPR or first aid program. Becoming a certified CPR staff can empower you as you can help save someone’s life if in case he or she suddenly suffers from heart attack or when someone’s breathing stopped.

A good example of scenario when you may need to use your CPR skills is when a child accidently swallowed an object in his or her mouth. The child will choke and experiences difficulty in breathing that can lead to death. Knowing what to do at tough times like this allows you to react quickly and perform the necessary medical attention to save the child from his or her untimely death. There are times when unexpected situations may happen like when you encounter some whose heart has stopped. The foremost reaction should be CPR as the emergency response team may take a few minutes to arrive, and CPR specialists will only have a few seconds to revive the suffering patient. Administering CPR could alter life and death situation towards positive results for someone who has been unconscious after his heart stopped.

In most cases, CPR will work better if performed by two or multiple people knowledgeable of the right techniques to be used. Performing CPR alone can tire you out and may not help you do your cause in the end. However, when two people help out each other in performing CPR, the reviving may take longer and the other person can take a rest for a few seconds and regain composure and energy. CPR Training is indeed very useful during life and death situations that could make you feel empowered and skilled if done properly.

Aside from that, most companies nowadays seek job applicants who have significant encounters after earning their CPR certification. Employers most likely have in mind to give plus points to those who value their social responsibility in helping people in need of reviving. Plus, CPR training is a way to level up your skills and a great highlight to your resume. Keep in mind that employers are increasingly becoming interested in making CPR certification a part of their first program to provide a safer work place for their employees. So, it is only an excellent move for job applicants to consider enrolling in a CPR Training class to learn the necessary life-saving skills.

The Benefits of Earning CPR Certification

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Some businesses in the United States tend to overlook the importance of looking for creative ways to reduce operation costs. There are those companies that would require their employees to bring their own toilet paper just to help the company save money. People hear these stories without questioning if this strategy will work. Business operators do not realize the other less extreme ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality and safety of the work place. With millions of Americans today who are unemployed, only a selected few are fortunate enough to land a job. And it is unfortunate for other people who leave and wait for several unfruitful job applications and still do nothing to increase their luck of getting employed. Both employers and job seekers feel frustrated with the same kind of result – failure. Admittedly, there is no single and only solution to these multiple problems, but people can take some small steps to turn these odds around.

One of the plausible solutions to give a try is by getting CPR Training and become certified. Top industries in the country highly recommend to job seekers and employers to have the latest CPR/AED as part of securing their environment. In some cases, employers set it as a provision of employment and the applicant must have a significant experience in administering first aid to patients. Recent reports also showed that there is an influx in AED machines in various work settings and facilities to protect both the staff and businesses. Thus, this circumstance resulted to an increased need to train employees how to administer CPR/AED properly. Both parties can definitely benefit from CPR Training as employees and employers by which they will be able to reduce mortality rate in the work place, lessening also the chances of risk management issues.

One obvious benefit of CPR Training for employers is the chance to lower their insurance risk and premiums. Insurers typically like it the most when their policy holders are prepared for the worst case scenario like hospitalization or death of an insured employee. This holds true for employers who have prepared actions to reduce their risk, which is a reason to negotiate with insurers in terms of rates. Employers may actually find that they are eligible for discounts in premiums when they have properly trained CPR and first aid specialists.

Another benefit of CPR Training is that it can help employers maintain a better and safer work place. In fact, the inclusion of CPR Training to become part of a company’s general program of first aid is now recommended by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Another way to look at the benefits of CPR certification is that increased market value and skills of job applicants. Becoming a certified CPR staff can make a positive difference. Besides, earning this certification is increasingly becoming required by several companies throughout the US, it is only advisable to take advantage of this opportunity and get ahead of the competition. A CPR/AED certification is a plus to consider by any potential employers.

CPR/AED Certification As An Addition to Your Skill Set

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People who suffer from heart disease have 50-50 chance of surviving an attack. It is the same thing for people who are victims of drowning or sudden difficulty in breathing. This is why one member in a family should know how to perform CPR as the immediate response to this unseen circumstance. Administering this kind of first aid to the sufferer might save his or her life and will be thankful for a lifetime. Good thing avenues for learning how to do proper CPR is not a problem as several educational institutions, hospitals and health organizations offer a training program for this. You can either choose whether take the classes online or through traditional schooling. Of course, each has their own benefits that you can reap. For example, online CPR Training lets you study on your pace, pick your own schedule and cost-effective since you don’t need to spend for transportation costs everyday.

In traditional schooling, class instructions will be held in a classroom, experience campus life and encounter personal experiences with other people. Although the two may differ in the context of class instruction, they still both have actual training wherein you have to attend on-site CPR classes. The practical training usually puts you under direct supervision to closely monitor your performance and teach you the right techniques possible. This is important since methods in administering CPR depend on the person you are administering to. For example, there is a respective CPR technique used for infants, children and adults. This means that learning how to perform the right CPR to a certain patient will make a difference and it is through practical training and quality education where you can learn all of it. Therefore, it is also important to consider the school you will enroll to, as the initial step in securing your eligibility to take the certification exam.

Admission to a school that can provide you quality CPR Training education will enable you to learn different techniques and higher chances of passing the exam. Earning this CPR certification will make you legitimate for working in different healthcare settings and other work places as part of their emergency medical response team. Thus, successfully completing your CPR training program can open you to a wider range of job opportunities. This holds true for employers who look for individuals who have received CPR certification. Employers do sometimes require their employees to take up CPR Training to contribute to their safe and healthy work place advocacy.

Aside from this, earning CPR as well as AED certification is proven a factor in giving you additional points in your job application. It is also an additional asset to your skill set and helps your employer’s work place safer and responsive to emergency cases. This is especially true in work places with environment that is not smoke-free, wherein heart disease sufferers likely to suffer from an attack anytime. CPR Training is one of the viable solutions to reduce the mortality rate of heart attack sufferers in the country besides implementing laws that can promote a healthier and heart-friendly environment.

When to Use Conventional and Hands-Only CPR

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There are times in life when you may encounter circumstances that will demand life-saving skills from you. When a person’s heart has stopped, without proper CPR training, panic can overcome you that may lead to a person’s death. Unable to perform the necessary emergency response can make you feel guilty, powerless and frustrated. Undertaking CPR Training classes is an effective way to avoid these feelings and become responsible when the time comes. When faced with life and death situations, performing CPR to the patient can save his or her life within seconds. Reviving the suffering patients due to heart attack or choking is what makes CPR a very important skill to possess today. Even at your work place, an office mate may experience heart attack and knowing what to do can make a big difference. Saving a person’s life is one of the most rewarding experiences you can earn from learning how to perform CPR or first aid.

In a CPR Training program, you will learn the different techniques used when you need to perform first aid. The techniques may differ depending on the age and type of medical problem encountered by the victim. A successful CPR training provider can expose you to different types of CPR like hands-only CPR. It is an approach where you do not need to provide mouth-to-mouth breaths to the patient. This is only recommended for those who see an adult or a teenager collapsed in a setting outside of hospital like in a park, work place or at home. An incident like this only consists of two steps; call 911 and/or place you hand on the chest and push hard and fast until the patient recovers. CPR training schools like the American Heart Association works closely with highly experienced CPR scientists to develop newer, better ways to perform CPR.

Hands-only CPR is the simplest way to revive a person from suddenly collapsing. According to a national survey recently conducted, Americans who had not received CPR training within half a decade prefer hands-only CPR than conventional CPR on out of hospital victims. One reason is that this approach is easier to remember and applied, making it also an effective option for people who have not been administered CPR in a long time. Although they had received CPR Training, inexperience for years negatively affected their confidence and unable to remember the right steps of performing conventional CPR.

A school known for providing accredited CPR training and quality education can teach you both kinds of CPR methods. Even though conventional CPR offers more benefits, learning both of them is still recommended by experts in order to gain full grasp of CPR techniques. Conventional CPR is likely to be performed during medical emergencies that involve unresponsive patient after performing hands-only CPR. The American Heart Association however recommends a combination of the two for children near to puberty, infants, anyone who has been unconscious and has stopped breathing and victims of drug overdose, cardiac arrest, drowning and whose breathing has stopped.

Secure Your Home with an AED

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The times today have become so unpredictable that certain safety measures need to be made. You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping you and your family’s safe. You would not want there to be a time when you realize the need for such precautionary when it is too late now, would you? Do not hold back when ensuring safety. Perhaps what you need is to implement in your home some of the safety methods that are more commonly used for public areas. This might just make you more comfortable in your home, knowing that safety is in place.

One thing that you might find useful for your home is an AED program. Some people might tell you that you are going way overboard, but what do they know? Studies show that everyone might suffer sudden cardiac arrest at anytime. Furthermore, most people who buy AEDs usually ends up having to use it at some point in their lives. With an AED program you save yourself from regretting the big mistake of not being ready for a sudden cardiac arrest incident.

Just think, what if it was just you and one other loved one in your home, perhaps a family member or a friend who is just there to visit. What you would expect of course is a normal time together. Imagine that the person suddenly collapsing with their hands tightly held across their chest. Quite obviously you would realize that you are dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. The first thing you would do is normally to call an emergency response team. What then? Are you just going to watch and see if the emergency response team can get there in time before that person you care about succumbs to their death? You cannot take that risk obviously, and if only you had an AED program at home, you would have probably given the person the helped that they needed just seconds after they have collapsed. It is a fact that the first three minutes after the victim has collapsed is crucial. They should quickly be given the treatment that they need or else their survival rate decreases at every minute that passes. With an AED program  you might have even been able to revive the victim before the emergency response team arrived.

Clearly, an AED program should not be limited upon what people has thought of them to be. If you think that they are only needed for public places like offices, hospitals and schools, you had better think again. Your home is where you and your family are most likely to be in at all times. Everyone, including your family, can possibly be a sudden cardiac arrest victim. You should not risk their lives by relying on good faith that this condition will not befall them. It is best to be prepared. Start by purchasing an AED and getting the training for its use. It might just be that one step that can resolve a problem that awaits in your future.

Reasons to Still Take CPR Training Classes Despite Smoke-Free Workplace Laws

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While it is good news that there has been a significant decrease in heart attack cases in workplace, the likelihood of a heart attack incident anywhere is still possible. Researchers from Mayo Clinic have found out that the smoke-free area laws imposed on areas in the workplace reduced heart attack rates since 2007. There was a 33 percent drop in the rates in a Minnesota county after the state government banned smoking in public. However, the researchers are interested to find out some underlying factors that can also cause heart attack like second hand smoking. The fact that in some other places public smoking is not yet banned would tell the importance of taking CPR Training classes.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is medical technique provided to people whose breathing or pulse suddenly stops. In most cases, people diagnosed with heart disease are likely to experience cardiac arrest that can go unnoticed. The symptoms can be confusing and hard to determine if one is not familiar with it. At unexpected times like this that you should be prepared for reviving a victim through CPR. The said technique of first aid should be performed right away to have a greater chance of saving one’s life. In a CPR Training class, you will learn how to administer this technique properly since there are two techniques used for performing CPR. One of which is chest compression and the other is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. These techniques are proven effective in helping the victim restore his or her breathing and circulation of blood back to normal. In pumping the blood back to its circulation, 100 chest compressions should be given to fully support it. You can also do a combination of chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if the situation gets worse. In hospitals, doctors and nurses most commonly use a device like AED when reviving a patient. However, doing CPR requires certain skills from the person, so a formal training and class instruction should be done in preparation for the certification exam.

Since a CPR training program can only last for a few weeks, it can be taken online or by attending traditional classes. You can look for schools that offer online CPR Training classes, but make sure that they are certified to provide this training by a credentialing firm. This is important to help you secure your eligibility in taking the certification exam after completing the course successfully. There are also health organizations like Red Cross and the American Heart Association that offer comprehensive CPR Training program. Red Cross has different chapters throughout the state where you can enroll and start your CPR training immediately. These organizations can also give you two years valid certification should you pass the exam. After completing your CPR Training, you are likely to possess some life-saving skills and be able to help the victims of heart attack. This is especially true if you have a family member who has history of heart attacks or someone in your workplace who will need it during unexpected times.

Earning CPR Certification Can Give You Plus Points In Your Job Application

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Almost everyday, there are people who suffer from cardiac arrest. A heart disease like this does not choose a specific place and time where to attack the sufferer. It is this reason that it is important for people with family members who suffer from heart attack to undergo CPR Training to be able to perform first aid when necessary. By earning a CPR Training certification, the student will become eligible to practice CPR, AED and first aid activities anywhere, anytime. Thus, CPR specialists will be able to save other people’s life and provide them relief from a sudden medical problem. With millions of people diagnosed with heart disease today, the life-saving skills of a person are needed more than ever. Keep in mind that a person experiencing heart attack may only last for less than a minute, and CPR specialists will only have 30 seconds to revive the patient after a loss in pulse. So, this means that a formal training is necessary to fully educate the students and prepare them for real-life situations.

Almost anyone who is capable of undergoing medical training can enroll in a CPR Training program. Learning how to revive a person is considered a social responsibility. This is why the American Heart Association encourages the citizens to take a CPR Training class to become prepared for unexpected circumstances. The organization also thinks that when more individuals take CPR classes, there is a chance that the survival rate for heart attack sufferers will double. By definition, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an action performed during medical emergency cases in a hope to revive the patient. A lot of medical experts really believe that the country may experience a significant decrease in mortality rate if more people will learn how to perform CPR.

Apart from that, people who earned their CPR certification can take advantage of an opportunity to work in a health care setting. Almost any kind of health care setting needs a person who can perform CPR the right way. CPR-certified individuals can also have plus points in their job interview as this suggests that the person has a great sense of responsibility. This is apparently an outstanding trait that any employer would like to hire and become a part of his or her company. Without a doubt, having the right CPR Training can make anyone a good asset for a company and to the family.

A lot of schools offer a CPR Training program. Interested individuals can choose either take it up online or in traditional campus. Of course, the on-site classes require students to attend the training in a hospital setting as part of the course requirements. Choose a CPR Training program that offers course certificate that is valid for one or two years. In this way, you don’t need to renew your certification every after one year. Thus, you can save some of your time getting the most out of your working experience. It is also important to choose among schools that allow their students to select their own class schedules in order to control your pace of study.

Preventing SCAs at Home with the Use of AEDs

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The typical response of a person to someone who is having a sudden cardiac arrest episode is panic. There is a high potential for a hysterical outburst, which is in no way helpful for you or the one who needs medical attention. If the victim is unfortunate enough, the people around them might even be afraid to approach them. This should not be the case as an SCA calls for immediate action. You cannot simply wait for an emergency response team to arrive. Take note that every minute counts when it comes to someone who has been under cardiac arrest. For every minute that they do not get the medical assistance they need, their chances of survival quickly descends.

The problem is that there are still many people who do not know how to address an SCA emergency. This is normally the case at homes. Considering that the home is the one place where a person feels mostly at peace, there is a great possibility of disregarding some of the basic safety measures. As much as public areas, your home should also be equipped with a proper AED program. While most will have first aid kits stashed in the medical cabinet, and AED is probably nowhere to be found. This is unacceptable because, as emphasized many times, sudden cardiac arrests happen anywhere and to anyone. The home is no exception, meaning that there is also much need for an AED program in it.

In the present, the American Heart Association is executing all the measures needed in order to help everyone have a clear concept of how to implement an AED program. They present trainings for the use of AEDs, letting their students learn more about the basics of defibrillation, which is the technique of sending electric shocks to the heart in order to bring back its normal rhythm. The organization’s goal of making people realize the relevance of AEDs to counter sudden cardiac arrest have been supported by the several studies claiming that the device has the ability to increase a victim’s survival rate by 49%. Meanwhile, the survival rate drops at 10% for every minute that the victim does not receive defibrillation.

In an AED program, the use of CPR is also included. This is the technique in which the rescuer will provide artificial air into the victim. Through a mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, oxygen passed along the organs and the blood flow goes back to normal, retrieving the heart’s function.

A home AED program is made possible through home AEDs. These are devices that are made easier to use for people who have not experienced medical training. With a much simpler operation, it is easy for anyone in the household to use a home AED. With it, there is no more reason to not respond to the need of a loved one suffering sudden cardiac arrest at home. It is user-friendly and gives a step by step guide as to how the rescuer should respond to the situation.

Why it is Important to Have AED Programs

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You might have a clear concept on your mind about sudden cardiac arrest. Normally you would think that older people are the ones who are more susceptible to having it. This is a false belief, however, as it can actually happen to anyone. It does not matter what age a person is or even what condition his health is in, anyone can have a sudden cardiac arrest. It entails a sudden stop at the heart’s function, halting the blood circulation and stopping the bodily functions. In the United States, there is an estimate of about 930,000 people suffering from heart disease. More than 25% of this estimate has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. The good news is that around 90% of them were easily saved with the use of AEDs.

It cannot be denied that the importance of having an AED program all the more important in the present. The acronym AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator which is a device that helps revives people who have suffered sudden cardiac arrest. The administrator simply measures the heart rhythm of the victim and delivers an electric shock when required, regulating the heart rhythm to its normal pace.

The American Heart Association, also known simply as AHA, is an organization that seeks to have a country that is free from the dangers of heart diseases. They strongly urge people to have people set an appropriate AED program for their homes and business establishments. They believe that as sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, it is important for every place to be geared with the right instruments. They have released an estimate where a total of 100,000 cardiac arrest victims can supposedly be saved if most people can undergo training for the use of the device and the effective execution of an AED program. The findings of several experts affirm the credibility of AHA’s statement as they make it known to the public that the use of AEDs will give SCA victims a 49% increase in their chances of survival. Rescue training is needed for most people, however, if this estimate is to be achieved in real life. The American Heart Association (AHA) is highly aware of this so they took the initiative to come up with their own ways of showing people how important it is to know how to execute a good AED program. They offer training for it in various places around the United States.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is only one of the many organizations who seek to show people the great need for each of them to take advantage of an AED program. The American Red Cross, in particular, is a non-government organization that gives training courses for CPR and AED. Their goal is to help people learn how to respond accordingly to emergency situations. As a matter of fact, the ARC even gives those who have taken their courses, recognition as certified rescuers. This gives them the right to use AEDs that are used by professionals.

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