Know How to Save a Life in 60 Seconds!

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What if someone near you suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing? Do you just call 911 or you try to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) yourself? According to the American Heart Association in United States, many people are hesitating to save a person who just stopped breathing because they cannot submit themselves to having mouth-to-mouth contact to a complete stranger. For that reason, the American Heart Association has revised the guidelines on CPR and says that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not needed or required anymore and that chest pumps will do. This is to encourage more people to stand out of the crowd and help a person bring back his breathing even though he or she is a total stranger.

Though this is something you think will never happen to you, did you know that 300,000 people experience sudden heart attack every year? What if you are one of the people who are with these 300,000 people by the time they stop breathing? Can you dare witness a death without doing anything about it? Performing CPR helps a person restore breathing while the paramedics are still on their way and medical help is not yet available. More so, performing CPR will double and even triple the chances of a person surviving from a heart attack.

For these valuable reasons, the American Heart Association is encouraging both medical professionals and civilians alike to learn CPR. If one knows how to conduct CPR, he can save lives in just thirty to sixty seconds! To reach this goal, the American Heart Association is working on a nationwide campaign to spread awareness on the importance of knowing basic first aid measures through CPR. On a deeper and more professional scope, the agency is also requiring healthcare employees to undergo CPR training from Citywide CPR. Citywide CPR is the official training site of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, and American Safety and Health Institute. Citywide CPR is also a government-trusted entity for their comprehensive traditional and online classes for everything first aid.

Citywide CPR is offering the following services for first aid:

  • BLS, CPR, AED & First Aid Certification
  • AED Training, Certification & Servicing
  • ACLS & PALS Certification
  • OSHA Training and Certification

Citywide CPR is the one-stop solution for all first aid training and certification. They have both traditional and online classes that will fit both schedules of working, studying or stay-at-home individuals who wanted to register for a class.

Citywide CPR is headquartered in the metropolitan area of Chicago. They have been the official partner of the American Heart Associations for twenty years in training and honing highly-competitive and qualified medical professionals who can work with alertness, ease and knowledge.

True to their motto of building healthier lives free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, Citywide CPR is dedicated to customer service superiority, qualified trainers and comprehensive classes.

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.


The Importance of Having Duly Registered and Well-Maintained AEDs in Public Areas

July 11, 2012Comments Off on The Importance of Having Duly Registered and Well-Maintained AEDs in Public Areas

Heart disease is a silent killer. There are so many people who have no history of heart disease yet were aghast to find out that they have this dreaded condition and find out about it when it suddenly attacks. Over the years, the rising numbers of people who are losing their lives due to undiagnosed heart problems are disheartening. Some people only learn about their heart problem when it suddenly stops pumping right out in the middle of nowhere where they are completely helpless about their condition. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of young kids who die of undiagnosed heart complications every week. This would not have happened if it only for these two reasons: one, if their heart disease came out of hiding earlier, and two, if there are automated external defibrillators in all public places where there is a chance of putting it to good use to save a life.

Automated external defibrillators, or shortly known as AED or defibrillators are machines which are used to deliver a therapeutic amount of electrical energy to the heart of a person who suddenly stopped beating. The goal is to bring back the normal rhythm of the heart with the help of a defibrillator. Though defibrillators are very easy-to-use and also very efficient, this device will need proper maintenance as it is consists of batteries which needs to be replaced regularly as well as its other parts that completes its functions. An AED which is not maintained well has the possibility of just suddenly turning off when in use. When this happens, the person whose heart suddenly stopped beating has the high chance of losing his life because the defibrillator suddenly lost its function and power. Needless to say, An unmaintained defibrillator is more likely to be futile at all, thus defeating its noble purpose of saving lives on instances where they are needed the most.

For a great number of repetitive situations where the AEDs suddenly stopped working, the US government has come to a point where they are now requiring all defibrillators to undergo licensing, registration, maintenance and certification, and all AED operators to go under training with the help of Citywide CPR.

Citywide CPR is the national partner of the American Heart Association and is trusted by the government in offering first aid classes, training and recertification and in managing a program for the upkeep and recertification of defibrillators. They offer a complete web-based solution with a tracking system and program aspect monitoring. Tracking of all defibrillators is needed so that in times of emergencies, people in the area will know where the nearest AED located is.

Large or small companies, everyone is encouraged to have their AEDs monitored in a program to guarantee the function of the tool as well as to put your company out of liabilities and complaints.

For more information about AED medical oversight and AED program management, please visit our website.





American Heart Association Instructs Firefighters to Tell Callers to Do CPR

July 9, 2012Comments Off on American Heart Association Instructs Firefighters to Tell Callers to Do CPR

A woman once called Ohio 911 and instead of being responded to, firefighters instructed the woman on how to conduct CPR to save her grandmother who was not breathing at that moment. This is because instead of rushing to the place only to find the patient dead, firefighters would much rather talk to the caller and instruct how to conduct CPR so that the patient will be saved right there and then. These days, instead of asking if the caller knew how to conduct CPR, they will tell them that they needed to do it together.

This directive came from the American Heart Association who changed its CPR guidelines of instead of doing a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; CPR will just be limited to chest compressions. This is an effort to get more bystanders to help people whose hearts have suddenly stopped while on the street or when there are no paramedics near or around.

With that, the effort of American Heart Association and firefighters nationwide have strengthened when it comes to encouraging their callers to conduct the CPR itself while medical help is not yet available. This is because studies have shown that people who have suddenly stopped breathing have higher chances of getting revived if they are given CPR immediately. This again puts the chest-compressing act to be the top first aid measure in situations that call for it.

As for the woman who called Ohio 911, she was forced to conduct CPR to her grandmother as she is the only one available at that moment. According to the firefighters she has talked to, CPR might be the hardest and emotionally-challenging thing she will ever do in her own life as the life of her grandmother depends on her, but she has got to do it. She needs to keep pumping her chest and guide her way to breathing while the paramedics are driving their way to their place. Luckily, the woman successfully revived her grandmother even before the paramedics arrived. She is another living proof that immediate CPR goes a long way in saving lives.

American Heart Association says that the chances of saving heart attacks can be tripled if any bystander or anyone who’s available at the area knows or is willing to conduct CPR immediately. This is the huge reason behind their national campaign of equipping the general public with the knowledge about first aid such as CPR.

AHA invites medical professionals and civilians alike to enroll with their national partner, the Citywide CPR to take their first aid classes such as CPR training, AED certification, BLS Training, ACLS Training, PALS Training, and OSHA Training and Certification. Citywide CPR is the national training site of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care & Safety Institute, and American Safety and Health Institute. Enroll for their first aid classes and start saving lives right now!

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.




Aspiring Young Firefighter Saves a Dying Woman through CPR

July 6, 2012Comments Off on Aspiring Young Firefighter Saves a Dying Woman through CPR

Once again, the knowledge about conducting proper CPR has proven that anyone can save lives. A young 20-year old Tyler Davis local from West Carrollton, Ohio did not hesitate in saving a woman’s life that fateful day at a McDonald’s where he was passing by.

According to the young hero, he only did what was right to do. When he saw a group of people circulating a woman, he immediately attended to her and felt her pulse. Upon finding out that the woman is not breathing, he immediately gave her CPR while paramedics are on their way. According to Davis, what he does was nothing heroic but simply one of the lessons that he learned from his EMT and CPR class that he was taking in hopes of becoming a firefighter soon. He said that his adrenaline kicked and without thinking, immediately pumped the woman’s chest until her air passageway is cleared.

Upon the paramedics’ arrival, they immediately revived her saying that if it wasn’t for Tyler Davis’ CPR, she would have had lost her life right there and then since the paramedics took time before arriving. Davis was also commended by Captain Andy Shepherd, the head of the West Carrollton Department and said that not all twenty year olds would go out of their way to save a woman he doesn’t know.

Also, Davis’ family was so proud of the bravery and humility that young Tyler has showcased. Now a local town hero, Tyler is shrugging off the compliments and describes what he did as just a result of adrenaline rush and trying to do what was right. He also said that he has his CPR training to thank for. If it wasn’t for his knowledge in conducting CPR, he would more likely be just one of the people surrounding the woman’s body as she dies on the street.

This story is a very inspiring and eye-opening tale of how important is the presence of people who knows CPR as well as the training for this. What if there was no one around who knows CPR? What if all the people just stared blindly at the woman as she fights for her life? This again leads to the government’s campaign of encouraging medical professionals and non-professionals to take CPR classes to guarantee the presence of someone who knows CPR when there is a person who needs it.


Not all people who are experiencing heart attack are located near a hospital and there will be cases where only a person who knows CPR can help. With that, everyone is encouraged to take CPR classes from Citywide CPR, the government’s partner in offering first aid lessons to medical professionals and civilians.

Citywide CPR is the official training center for the American Heart Association in implementing the compliance of a more competitive, highly-trained and knowledgeable medical professionals in the workforce.

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.

AED Saves Lives: Have Your Heroes Registered!

July 4, 2012Comments Off on AED Saves Lives: Have Your Heroes Registered!

Every day, there are 1,000 people in the United States who experience heart attacks. The survival and fate of these people solely relies to the immediate availability of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillators). These two have saved thousands of lives and can save even more if there is enough number of defibrillators available in every community. More so, they will be saved if all AEDs in the country are working properly and is well-managed by hospitals and other facilities who own them.

AEDs are lightweight and portable medical devices that automatically analyze the rhythm of the heart and calculate if there is a need for an electric shock to bring back the natural heartbeat of a person. The great number of instances that an AED has saved lives is all over the news. These devices are very easy to use and require very minimal training. The difficulty then lies on the maintenance and upkeep of the devices. Even though it has saved lives, it also lost some due to the fact that there might be some parts of the AED which are not properly stored or the batteries have maxed out. Due to that, the lives that have been lost could have been saved if it wasn’t for the neglectful ways of the people who operate or own them.

Recently, the Government of the United States has issued a nationwide law and campaign directing all medical facilities and other institutions and individuals who own or operate defibrillators to register their devices. AED registration is needed for two things: to assured that all parts of the device are properly working and maintained and for local emergency services to determine the nearest AED that can be used when there is a sudden case of a heart attack.

To implement the need for compliance, the government has partnered with the American Heart Association and Citywide CPR to call for all AED owners and facilitators to have their AEDs registered, certified and the owners trained. Citywide CPR is a training school for medical professionals. They conduct all sorts of online classes, training and exam and certifications ranging from AED products, training and certification, CPR Training, and others. They are in collaboration not just with AHA but also with Emergency Care and Safety Institute as the National Training Center and Site for everything related to AED and CPR.

With the classes from Citywide CPR, students will get a comprehensive training solution from their national network of trainers. They lead the way to medical oversight direction, AED program management and CPR/AED training in the entire country. They monitor your AEDs and gives you notifications when there is  part which needs replacement thus reducing your exposure from risks and liabilities in cases of emergencies.

Register your life-saving AEDs, comply with the law and give the best immediate services on desperate and emergency situations where the life of the survivor lies upon these automated external defibrillators.

For more information about AED medical oversight and AED program management, please visit our website.

The Importance of Upkeep on Defibrillators

June 28, 2012Comments Off on The Importance of Upkeep on Defibrillators

Automated external defibrillators are medical lifesavers that are generally easy to use but needs thorough and routinely maintenance to make sure that it is always ready to save lives. AEDs are used on emergency situations such as cardiac arrhythmias. It works by computing the potential life threat right on that situation and it then applies electrical therapy to re-establish heartbeat in its normal rhythmic pattern.

According to studies conducted by the government, AEDs have been widely-used since 2007 for more than a thousand times. Ninety percent of the time, AEDS work and save lives. But what is disheartening is the fact that more than a hundred of these cases, AEDs simply just won’t turn on, or it automatically dies on its own. Thus, it caused the lives of the patients who were on the line. These demoralizing situations would not have happened if only the AEDs used all over the states experience maintenance in all of its parts. AEDs are such delicate machines that are easy to use but are high maintenance.

There is no question regarding the fact that defibrillators save lives, however, what puts the government in deep concern is the fact that when the flag goes up, there must also be a better grasp on how people use these devices. The thrust of the government for this dilemma is to better track the devices all over the United States and determine how they are used and maintained after institutions have purchased them. Clearly, it is so sad to see potential-rich devices go to waste.

For this reason, the government of the United States, in partnership with the American Heart Association and Citywide CPR Inc. has mandated a law that requires all hospitals, medical institutions, universities and private practice physicians who own one or multiple units of automated external defibrillators to have their machines frequently checked and re-certified to guarantee that they are functioning as prescribed.

With the CPR training, first aid classes, AED Program Management, all institutions are required to comply with the law and all operators of AEDS to take certifications regarding their credibility to operate it. With the AED Program Management, organizations will have a comprehensive web-based tracking system that will help them monitor all important AED information, such as serial numbers, site coordinators, and expiration of Pads, Batteries or Responders. With these, operator will know if all the functions and parts of the AED are functioning well so that they can be repaired easily if they don’t In addition to the AED Program Management, the certification will be issued to all healthcare professionals who are operating AEDs as well.


All of these programs, training, and classes will be conducted by Citywide CPR Inc. all for the good of patients all over the US. With this joint effort, more lives will be saved as long as there is an on-hand AED to do the job.

For more information about AED medical oversight and AED program management, please visit our website.



AED Saves a Child’s Life at a Sporting Event!

June 27, 2012Comments Off on AED Saves a Child’s Life at a Sporting Event!

CBS News reported a story on how a simple medical device such as an automated external defibrillator has saved the family from such heartbreaking tragedy in May 2012. According to the news, Tyler Symes, a 15-year old hockey player from Massachusetts was playing his favourite sport when he was hit by a puck which rendered him almost dead. Luck of all lucks, his life was immediately saved by an automated external defibrillator which was readily available on the ring side, and a hockey trainer who knew how to use the AED.

An automated external defibrillator is a medical wonder which is a portable device that was built to automatically diagnose the life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient. As a lifesaver, this device treats patients through the process of defibrillation, or in layman’s term, application of electrical therapy to establish a rhythmic activity on the heart. This same device saved the life of one potential hockey player whose only passion is to become a professional hockey player.

According to Tyler Symes’ coach and trainer Paul Agnese, the moment Tyler hit the ground, he knew he wasn’t breathing so he immediately hopped inside the ring and carried Tyler’s unconscious body, brought him over the ring side, and brought back his breathing after using the AED.

If it weren’t for the ring-side AED and the knowledge of his trainer to use the AED, the dreams of one young hopeful would have had vanished in thin air the moment that puck struck him. Once again, science and technology has proven its indispensability in life. In fact, science and technology itself is life.


Who knew what was going to happen that fateful day? Who knew that a person whose life is in total danger will need the help of a device such as AED, more so the skills of a person who knows how to use it?

As soon as that news broke out, it only strengthened the need for more people who know how to operate an AED, more so to manage it. Situations like this contribute to the solidarity of the government’s demand of requiring all medical facilities to comply with the rules of AED management and training on its usage. Also, in cases such as these, the help of training center such as the Citywide CPR are highly needed. Citywide CPR and the national government have come up with the partnership of requiring all hospitals and healthcare center to undergo an AED Program Management that will teach healthcare professionals on its rightful usage as well as its maintenance. This is important because no one knows how many lives it can save if it is properly used and operated. More so, no one knows how many lives can be put to risk or be totally lost if there is no AED or no one to operate the machine on emergency situations.

For more information about AED medical oversight and AED program management, please visit our website.




BLS, ACLS, and PALS – The Sub-Classes of CPR Training at Citywide CPR Inc.

June 25, 2012Comments Off on BLS, ACLS, and PALS – The Sub-Classes of CPR Training at Citywide CPR Inc.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a form of first aid which aims to manually brain function in an emergency situation especially if further medical attention is not yet available. CPR Training is now a trending educational course which aims to educate medical assistants to the proper process of conducting CPR to the patient. Under CPR Training, there are three other sub-classes which also require certification and these are BLS, ACLS and PALS:

BLS – Basic Life Support

Under this training, even ordinary people who have no further knowledge about medicine will learn the basics of CPR such as airway positioning, rescue breathing and chest compression on patients of all ages. Contrast to what is seen on videos; there are standards as to how CPR is done. It is not just simply done by applying pressure to the chest of the patient or by breathing air inside a person’s mouth that experienced choking. There is a right way to do everything that is related in CPR and this basic training course will teach them all of the fundamentals such as operating an automated external defibrillator.

ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Primarily directed only to health care professionals, this training consists of more advance methods in saving a life on emergency situations. Taught by paramedics and physicians, this training comprise of advanced techniques such as bag-valve mask ventilation, operation of AED and invasive airway passages which involves creating a hole on the airway maneuvers of the patient.

Students enrolled in ACLS classes are also expected to know all about cardiac dysrhythmias and other critical situations such as coronary syndromes and stroke at the end of training.

PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Since children are very delicate patients, this kind of training is opened to health care practitioners who are working at the pediatric lives. This is important because they need to know how to properly deal with emergency situations which involves children as patients.

In this training, they will be introduced and taught about the principles and practice of CPR among children aged 12 and below.

That that we have established the different sub-classes of CPR Training, let us know discover the educational facility that is trusted by the American government and health agencies when it comes to conducting classes, practical training, and certification and re-certifications, all over the state.

Citywide CPR Inc. is a company that the American Heart Association leaders have unanimously chosen to be their partner in honing and training healthcare professionals. They offer different classes, both physical and online, all over the US. One thing that makes them the national provider of CPR and AED training and certification is because of their huge scope. In fact, interested individuals will be surprised to know that Citywide CPR Inc. is headquartered in more than fifty cities and states all over the US.

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.


Be A Certified Lifesaver with Citywide CPR Inc.’s Top Notch Classes, Trainings and Certification Programs!

June 22, 2012Comments Off on Be A Certified Lifesaver with Citywide CPR Inc.’s Top Notch Classes, Trainings and Certification Programs!

Training is a very important aspect in the medical field. There has been a great number of medical malpractice and errors where medical practitioners and assistants were to be blamed. Because of this, not only were the lives of the patients put in severe danger, but also the reputation of the medical institution itself. These things would not have happened if all medical assistants who are taking care of the patients are knowledgeable about patient care. Furthermore, there are also some instances when a patient will experience sudden cardiac arrests that will put their lives in danger. In cases such as this, the medical assistant in attendance must know how to conduct a first aid measure to save the patient’s life while the doctor is not yet around.


For this matter, the government has issued a law where all medical assistants and first aid assistants will undergo a class, training and certification in order to attest their knowledge, skills and expertise in dealing with patients on a regular basis. On that note, one must know about Citywide CPR Inc.

Citywide CPR Inc. is the company that offers different classes, training programs and recertifications to individuals who are pursuing a career in medical assistance. They are the national partner of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute and American Safety and Health Institute when it comes to training the next generation of qualified and competitive medical professionals.

Citywide CPR Inc. offers a myriad of programs such as BLS, CPR and First Aid Certification, AED Training, Certification and Servicing, ACLS and PALS Certification, and OSHA Training and Certification. Their services are not only for individuals but also for the medical institutions who want to keep up with the laws of the government and one of them is the AED program training. Through this program, hospitals will be able to comply with the requirements when it comes to the operation, management and maintenance of Automatic External Defibrilator.

As for their classes, they are at the top of the pack when it comes to providing comprehensive courses that are not just swift, but they are also taught by industry professionals such as doctors and firefighters who lives and breathes first aid essentials every day.

If one wishes to apply at Citywide CPR Training, you will be amazed that they have so many branches that you can choose from if you opt to study in a physical classroom. However, if you have a day job, you can choose their online classes so that you can still work during the day and study at night and on weekends.

With either classroom-based learning or self-directed online training with skills sessions, Citywide CPR can provide you with quality education and training. They are located in almost all states in the US which makes them a national provider and the neighborhood schools for individuals who want to learn with them.

If you are interested to apply for CPA Training, take a look at our website for a Citywide CPR center near you.

Want to Know How To Save a Life? Learn Everything from the Best – CITYWIDE CPR INC.

June 20, 2012Comments Off on Want to Know How To Save a Life? Learn Everything from the Best – CITYWIDE CPR INC.

Ever encountered or seen a person go through a near-death experience due to cardiac arrest? Did you panic? Did you know what to do in cases as such?

In cases such as this, CPR, or cardio pulmonary resuscitation is the emergency procedure that can save a life. This is the act of trying to manually preserve intact brain function until there is no available doctor or medical expert to perform further measures to bring back the normal and spontaneous blood circulation and breathing.

Though CPR might look easy when watched, there are particular guidelines that must be followed to conduct CPR. It is not just a simple process of compressing the chest of the patient. In fact, the government has issued a law to require CPR certification from individuals so that it can be distinguished as to who to call in times of emergencies.

In looking for a CPR training school, Citywide CPR Inc. is one of the most trusted. They offer courses on CPR training, CPR classes, CPR recertification, AED program management and first aid training. They take pride in being the national training school for the American Heart Association and the national training center of Center for Emergency Care and Safety Institute and American Safety and Health Institute. When people wanted to take CPR training, they call for CPA because of its excellent training programs.

Why is Citywide CPR the best in what it does?


Citywide CPR is a trusted center for medical learning because of its comprehensive training solution, world-class and competitive instructors, and they are diversified in terms of learning methods such that they offer online classes.

Delving deeper, Citywide CPR Inc. offers a list of medical certifications such as facilitation of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training and Certification, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen Training, and Emergency Response Training (EMRT) Certification. All of these classes and trainings are taught by experienced professionals from the field of medicine and firefighting. They are highly oriented on the value of life and are technically adept in saving lives as fast as a heartbeat.

If you wish to pursue a career in medical assistance, Citywide CPR is the place to be. It is one of the very few facilities that have all the needed accreditations to conduct classes and host certification examinations in order to provide a long list of successful and qualified medical assistants and aides in all medical facilities all over United States. It is trusted by the government and other non-government institutions in providing comprehensive, competitive and world-class training to all of its students so that they may be of help to patients wherever state they are.

Saving lives one at a time is not easy; in fact, it is the opposite of easy. It is very hard because one wrong move and you can definitely lose a person’s life. Which is why, with proper training and certification, you can help more people and save more lives while you lead a fulfilling career born out of the idea of helping patients.

If you are interested to enroll for a CPR Training Class that Citywide CPR Inc.  is offering, kindly click here.

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