Cardiac Arrest and Hypothermia

July 22, 2016Comments Off on Cardiac Arrest and Hypothermia

Cardiac arrest is a sudden disease that strikes individuals that have been living a sedentary lifestyle. It comes in the most unexpected places, and the most inopportune times. Without quick treatment, cardiac arrest will claim the life of the individual. Cardiac arrest has become the worst disease to claim the lives of individuals. With very minimal symptoms, or with signs showing themselves much too late, the only way to deal with it is through quick treatment and proper recuperation and support.


Treatments for sudden cardiac arrest must be quick. In 4 minutes, irreversible brain damage happens and in ten minutes, no form of revival, no matter how advanced can help in bringing back the victim. This is why there are a lot of precautionary measures that is known to people. One of these measures is cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. This is a skill that can be learned by anyone willing enough to undergo training. Calling emergency services is important, as for those that are not trained, emergency services can instruct the person on rudimentary CPR for the victim.

There are also publicly available defibrillators which can be used to further increase the chances of revival of the sudden cardiac arrest victim. These defibrillators are very easy to use and do not need specialized training to be effective. The only requirement is knowing where to put the pads which can be indicate by the defibrillator in its storage. After that, the defibrillator automatically determines if there is a need for shocking of a person.


Recuperation involves the use of numerous techniques based on the need of the patient. This can involve physical therapy for those that may have suffered from mobility problems after recuperation.  For those who may feel weak, sufficient diet and proper rest can help. Physical therapy is mostly needed when there are injuries as well, perhaps a bad fall during the arrest, or subsequent consequences due to the arrest. Either way, physical therapy is a growing branch of medicine and can prove to be a great help in the future for cardiac arrest patients.


Hypothermia is a disease caused by being exposed to extremely low temperatures. When it comes to sudden cardiac arrest however, inducing hypothermia in a person is a great therapy. This type of therapy is done for patients of sudden cardiac arrest that has been revived although have not woken up from sleep yet. This is a way of preserving the body while the heart is on low activity. With the heart pumping weaker than usual, the body may still have inadequate supply of oxygen, causing it to deteriorate. The controlled temperature, especially the cold, can help in preserving the organs and keeping their activity low. With lowered activity, they would not be needing more oxygen, so that the heart can keep up.

With cardiac arrest becoming a very serious problem, more research has been done, leading to the discovery of more ways of treatment. With more people being aware of these treatments and procedures, the chances of saving someone who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest can be increased, giving the individual another chance in changing his lifestyle. The change in lifestyle shall be for better health, and for lowering the risks of suffering another cardiac arrest.