Changes in CPR Allowed Lay People to Perform It

May 23, 2012Comments Off on Changes in CPR Allowed Lay People to Perform It

One of the best feelings in life is being to save the life of one person who suffered from cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac arrest. Whether an individual is a professional medical personnel or not, he has the ability to revive a person from near-death situations and let the victim live longer. Before, performance of emergency medical procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR was only done by people who were trained for it. Nowadays, anyone can perform this medical procedure even without proper CPR training.

Numerous developments were made in the past years about CPR with a main goal of increasing the survival rate from cardiac arrest. It includes compression-only CPR or hands-only CPR, and AED-assisted CPR. The latter makes use of a portable device called automated external defibrillator in delivering electric shock into the heart of the victim.

In the past, reviving any victim of a cardiac arrest involved the process known as A-B-C or Airway – Breathing – Compressions. This process has been in use for more than 40 years already and emphasized on the rescuers opening the airways, pinching the nose, and breathing air into the victim’s mouth before the chest compressions. The American Heart Association, though, made changes with that process a couple of years back. Instead of A-B-C, it is now C-A-B, with the chest compressions being done first.

These changes have allowed anyone near the cardiac arrest victim to do CPR until the medical rescuers arrive on the scene. According to Dr. Michael Sayre, head of the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee of AHA, a lot of people are afraid to perform CPR. Sayre told that the main concern of the people is that they might do CPR wrongly which could hurt the victim even more. Sayre erased all the worries of the people regarding CPR by saying that performing it “is better than doing nothing at all.” He also advised the people that when faced in a cardiac arrest emergency, calling 911 can be done aside from performing CPR.

By the numbers

If a person wants to know more about CPR, he must attend a CPR training provided by different companies all over the United States. Before actually going on CPR training, one must know some facts related to this medical procedure and cardiac arrest.

  • 1 – Cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death among Americans
  • 300,000 – There are approximately 300,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest incidents reported annually
  • 8 – The survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests is eight percent
  • 70 – There are almost 70 percent Americans who never had training. Included also in that percentage are those who had training but it already lapsed

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