Citywide CPR’s Breakthrough technology in AED Services, Certification and Management

June 18, 2012Comments Off on Citywide CPR’s Breakthrough technology in AED Services, Certification and Management

Automated External Defibrillator, shortly known in the field of medicine as AED, is a medical device used on emergency situations such as heart attacks. Patients are treated through defibrillation which allows the heart to establish an effective rhythm. This kind of device is required to be managed, serviced and recertified at all times in order to avoid a company’s exposure to liabilities. The US government is requiring all institutions to comply with the certification of the device to guarantee its accuracy.


Citywide CPR is a company that offers a comprehensive and complete solution to the AED management program of institutions which hold possession of one or multiple automated external defibrillator. With the help of Citywide CPR, your company can be in good terms with the government when it comes to compliance issues. These AED program do not require installation nor software, but a simple, user-friendly Internet-based monitoring system that anyone can operate. Through Citywide CPR’s AED program, your company and avoid any contingent liabilities and any form of AED medical oversight.


The AED management program offered by Citywide CPR to many companies all throughout the United States comes with a web-based tracking system and on-going support in order to monitor every aspect of the program.


This web-based tracking system is so easy to use and it is comprehensive and holistic in terms of providing up-to-date and real time status of all your AED devices. It is also complete with a tracking routine, monthly inspections and information about the expiration of pads and batteries that need replacement. This program is also smart as it has the ability to track and manage the training status of all the responders. Companies can also sync their organization all in one day. Information can be easily added and edited anytime. This program can also show serial numbers, site coordinators, expiration of Pads and batteries, responders and other important information ready for viewing.


These services also comes with automated e-mails to notify clients when AED certifications are about to expire. Through these, they can update clients and inform them when they should be up for recertification.


Citywide CPR makes sure that they are always at par with the needs of your company in terms of complying with government terms and with the consistency of the management of the AED program. They can easily customize the programs to meet your demands as your company grows.


Without any software or installation process, Citywide CPR provides the best AED program management to make sure that every company is in compliance with the law with their efficient nationwide training and program management services.


Aside from AED program management, Citywide CPR is also the top provider of CPR management solutions, CPR/AED first aid training and other certification for medical professionals. They make sure that all of their client’s AED and CPR training and management needs are well-attended to through their cutting-edge and state-of-the-art web-based tracking system for a total organization and routine maintenance.

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