Citywide Invites Everyone to Take First Aid Classes and Help Save Lives!

July 17, 2012Comments Off on Citywide Invites Everyone to Take First Aid Classes and Help Save Lives!

Citywide CPR’s training programs for first aid are spreading fast as a form of implementation of educating the general public about hands-only CPR. This group is based in Chicago, IL but is targeting all medical professionals and civilians all over the country. In cooperation with the American Heart Association and the US Government, Citywide CPR is dedicated to provide the right treatments to people who need CPR and other first aid measures.

According to statistics, hundreds of thousands of Americans die every day due to undiagnosed heart diseases which only comes front when the victim already experiences shortness in breathing. Although a huge percentage of these people are saved through CPR because of luck that someone around the accident area knows CPR, some patients were not so fortunate to be saved by people who knows CPR and are willing to help. With that, the American Heart Association as well as the government saw that there is a dire need of CPR awareness in the United States. Also, since some people hesitate to offer help to people who suddenly stopped breathing because they do not want to do mount-to-mouth resuscitation to a stranger, AHA has revised the guidelines for CPR which makes it now exclusive to chest pumps and no mouth-to-mouth contact. This way, more bystanders will offer to give help to a road emergency.

Alan Lermer of Citywide CPR added that many patients die on the spot even if there is a nearby hospital because of insufficient first aid facilities. This is a very severe case because cardiac or asthma attack patients need the speediest help possible as soon as they stop breathing. The faster the first aid comes, the better chances that they will be revived. Likewise, if there is no available first aid help, then there is a big chance of losing the life of a patient. This has happened a lot and continues to happen until now. Which is why, Citywide CPR invites all concerned citizens to take various first aid programs.

Citywide CPR is offering various programs such as OSHA training, advanced cardiac life support, AED certification, CPR certification, AED-CPR, BLS certification, ACLS certification, PALS certification, first aid training, and others. Many of their programs are available online if there is no traditional classes yet available near your location. However, Citywide CPR is extending their arms to have more traditional classes available all throughout United States in order for the training to be more demonstrative, interactive and intensive.

Basically everyone is invited to take first aid training classes even those who are not medical professionals. After all, it is always special and important to be able to help someone’s life. Sure, doing CPR to someone you do not know is not a job that will make you rich, but it will definitely be overwhelming and fulfilling to know that when someone was almost on the jaws of death and is fighting for their lives, you were there to save them because you have the training and the heart to do so.

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.