Complete Wilderness Survival and What It Really Means

April 29, 2016Comments Off on Complete Wilderness Survival and What It Really Means

Enjoying the outdoors is something that most people see as a fun hobby. Others see it as a hobby that tests the limit of the body’s stamina and endurance. No matter how you enjoy the great outdoors, there are certain skills that you must have the knowledge, to truly know what living with nature is like.

Having the skills to survive the outdoors and the life within the wilderness can be very helpful during your trips and treks, as well as in getting a healthier body. The skills that you need are mostly physical and technical, and these techniques can be a lifesaver. You can also enjoy a more immersive nature experience with this information with you.


Shelter is a catch-all term for everything you must know that involves the creation of a comfortable space for survival. Although making an actual habitat is not a necessary skill due to the existence of modern items such as tents and sleeping bags, there are still aspects that you must know. One of the most important things to know is how to create fire. Fire is warmth and life in the wilderness. It can offer respite during the cold nights and can scare beasts away. Creating fire requires friction and wood. Always make sure to put out your fire completely to not create forest fires.


Sustenance would mean anything necessary for keeping hydrated and fed. Water must be acquired from natural and clean sources, so as not to risk poisoning. Food is a critical necessity, and there are many sources within the wild, although knowledge of the local flora and fauna is necessary for a safe harvest and hunt. There are plants that you must avoid, and there are places which may cause injury to you and your party, so knowledge of the lay of the land is important when hunting gathering.

First Aid

First aid involves anything from making splints, stopping bleeding, treating wounds, and curing illnesses. Some of the most important things that you could attend a training for include CPR training – which can be helpful for extreme cases such as cardiac arrest or drowning – especially if you are in a group. Also, it never hurts to pick up CPR skills for the times when you are in close proximity of heart attack victims, to help in revival efforts.

These things are what makes outdoor survival a fun experience. Although there are modern conveniences available to all of us, it is best to have the knowledge in the even that these conveniences are taken away from you. These skills, when applied to daily life, can be helpful to others too, and it can make for a great party trick if you can make fire from twigs and rocks and flint.

If you would like to know more about these skills, you can attend a scouts training, or you can attend specific training programs, such as first aid training, CPR training, survival skills development, and identifying flora and fauna.