Connection between Location and Rate of Survival

September 20, 2013Comments Off on Connection between Location and Rate of Survival

Current studies have shown that the location a person will suffer an unfortunate accident, like say, sudden cardiac arrest will play a major factor in their chances of survival. Statistics have shown that reports that came in where the incident occurred in a poor, mainly black neighborhood where shown to have 50% less chances of being applied first aid CPR compared to neighborhoods where there are more whites and other minorities. Even well off neighborhoods with mostly black population were 23% less likely to apply CPR. CPR training is readily available for all who wishes to learn this valuable skillset and is encouraged by health organizations all over the world. So what is the reason for this huge difference in areas containing different ethnic backgrounds? It is still pretty much uncertain why this huge difference are present but studies have pointed at economic diversity as one of the causes. People in poorer areas are less likely to be educated about proper first aid responses than those in a relatively stable economic status. Unfortunately, the studies done in Chicago during the 1980’s about the differences between areas has also pointed out the racial discrimination is still a huge factor. It is saddening to discover that racism is still a huge factor in society today, and this may have caused a huge percentage of the fatalities reported on SCA or sudden cardiac arrest. Proof of this point is that black and Latinos who experience sudden cardiac arrest in a public area were 30% less likely to receive the first aid procedure. This is a very grim statistic in itself and must be resolved some way or another.

Medical experts are now looking at ways to remedy this. They have also stated that while attending proper CPR training classes are much recommended, basic instructions are readily available online for those who do not have time of money to attend any of these seminars. Doctors have also went on record that simply compressing the chest area constantly will suffice and give victims much needed extra minutes without resorting to artificial resuscitation. To help civilians with their confidence in applying the procedure medical practitioners gave a simple tip of pressing on the chest area to the tune of “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees; they have stated that by following a known and constant rhythm the person applying the method will have a much needed boost in confidence in their selves to apply the procedure correctly. With this, medical institutions will hope that the community will be much more active when the need for emergency medical procedure arises wherever their neighborhood lies. It is both in the hands of medical institutes and public health organizations to help push and instruct the society towards a safer future. In the end, it will still fall on the shoulders of the common people to make a change for the better, indifference is said to be a much worse characteristic than hate and society must strive in order to remove this from their daily lives.