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Citywide CPR is a National Provider of AEDs, CPR AED Management Solutions, CPR/AED First Aid Training and Certification. AED Program Management with Medical Oversight Direction is a service we provide to companies large and small. We implement all the important components needed to make your AED Program a success. Our AED Program Management with Medical Oversight Direction includes a state-of-the art web based tracking system for complete organization and routine maintenance of your AEDs. Our service also includes automated email reminders to ensure appropriate actions are taken when your personnel’s AED certifications are about to expire and to notify you when your AED pads/batteries are approaching expiration. To keep you ultimately compliant by state and local laws, we provide Medical Oversight Direction with a licensed physician to serve as Medical Director for your CPR AED certification program.

Medical Oversight Direction

After the implementation of your AED program, Citywide CPR will provide you with Medical Oversight Direction, in order to adhere to government compliance standards.Citywide CPR provides Medical Oversight Direction, with a licensed physician, who has experience in ensuring quality of care and Medical Oversight for your AED program. With Medical Oversight Direction, you can be sure that your AED Program is properly managed and monitored, no matter how many AEDs you have in your Program.


AED Program Management

Citywide CPR offers you a complete solution for AED Program Management. Whether you’re a small company or large corporation, we have the tools to properly monitor your AED Program, keeping you compliant and reducing your exposure to liability. There is no software needed and no installation required. Your entire AED Program is managed easily online, with a safe, secure and user-friendly web-based monitoring system.


CPR/AED Training

Once the AEDs are chosen, a training program is implemented, with classroom-based and online courses with skills sessions for your convenience. Your employees will be trained with online or onsite options (your choice) and will receive their card immediately upon successful course completion. We manage the expiring certification cards and remind you when it’s time to recertify. Annually, we will be contracted to service your AED, making sure it’s in proper working order, along with the electrodes, batteries and pads. An AED specialist will perform the necessary diagnostic tests, to ensure your AED is ready for use when needed.