Medical Oversight Direction

Citywide CPR For Total Compliance

The Law

Medical prescription, prior to purchasing and receiving AEDs for Public Access Defibrillator programs, is a federal requirement for AED end-users to have, which varies from state to state. Our program service guarantees compliance to all federal, state, and local legislation that governs the purchase and use of AEDs.

Protecting you from any potential lawsuits

Providing Medical Oversight to our clients provides coverage across the board. With Medical Oversight direction, we guarantee that your program is compliant with all Federal, state (legislative and regulatory), local county and city ordinances.

The Program

After the implementation of your AED program, Citywide CPR will provide you with Medical Oversight Direction, in order to adhere to government compliance standards. Citywide CPR provides Medical Oversight Direction, with a licensed physician, who has experience in ensuring quality of care and Medical Oversight for your AED program. With Medical Oversight Direction, you can be sure that your AED Program is properly managed and monitored, no matter how many AEDs you have in your Program.

Ongoing Compliance as it changes

Citywide CPR is continuously monitoring the legislative and regulatory laws as they pertain to AED usage, Medical Oversight Direction and Training, so you don’t have to.


Medical Director, Board Certified by the American Medical Association

Physician’s Prescription
medical oversight directorCertificate of Authority to Purchase Medical Device(s)

AEDs are prescription devices and end-users are required by the FDA to have medical prescription available for each AED unit that will be placed in a PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) site.

The medical director oversees your entire AED program, while providing the standard operating procedures to be followed in the case of a medical emergency.

Citywide CPR offers the necessary medical oversight direction services required of AED Programs.

* Physician’s prescription to purchase each AED
* Provide the necessary local EMS notifications
* Provide a formal medical report following an AED usage
* Provide data management following an AED usage
* Provide a loaner AED following an AED usage
* Complete AED Program Management
* Adherence to Governmental Compliance
* Increased Quality of Care
* Reduced Exposure to Liability

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