CPR – Because Life is In Your Hands

November 10, 2015Comments Off on CPR – Because Life is In Your Hands

Recently, there is a rise in the number of people who have been trained with CPR. However, it’s surprising to know that only a few of these people really apply what they know of when the need arises. Though it seems surprising, it is not new anymore. There are few reasons why this happens –

  1. People panic and freeze when they see someone dying in front of their eyes.
  2. People forget what to do when emergency situation arises.
  3. People are afraid that they are doing wrong.

Panic is a feeling that will not help the mind recall the right things to do and even when you chant the words “don’t panic” it still doesn’t change anything if your mind has already been overpowered by fear and anxiety. Even people who have medical training, they can still feel the same panic and freeze when emergency situations ensue.

However, if you have been trained before, it is alright to make a mistake rather than doing nothing more than calling 911. If you needed to be reminded, you can always ask the dispatcher to make instructions on what to do during CPR so that the person you are saving still has the chance at life until the medical responders arrive on scene.

Fast Facts

CPR doesn’t have to be performed together with rescue breathing or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Research has shown that chest compressions were good or perhaps even better on its own, which means to say that rescue breathing is not really necessary. This eliminates the disgust factor and thus make people more apt to perform CPR when the need arises.

What CPR Can Do?

CPR can save lives – you know that and this simplicity can be explained by medical science. A lot of people have already been discharged from the hospital without the untoward brain effects of oxygen deprivation because CPR was performed within the golden period.

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone – even your loved one. The heart can stop even with no apparent reason or perhaps unexplainable reason and without its pumping capacity the brain can be deprived by its much needed oxygen. When the deprivation is great, cells start to die because they can no longer sustain the metabolic needs. As cells in the brain begin to die, the damage it can cause is irreversible because the brain does not have or little if any regenerating capacity.

With CPR, the irreversible damage is minimized if not prevented – helping the person recover from cardiac arrest with little to no apparent evidence and have a chance at life once again. So, why get training in CPR – because life is in your hands even as we speak and it is not just about strangers we could be talking about your loved ones as well.

Fortunately, learning CPR is not hard these days. There are a number of CPR training centers that provide programs for those who would like to learn how to conduct proper CPR as well as how to handle AED during emergency cases.