AED Sales, Training & Servicing

Citywide CPR is your one stop solution for AED consulting, site assessment, Automated External Defibrillators, AED accessories, AED installation, defibrillator training and AED servicing. We carry every brand of AED such as LifePak AEDS, Philips AEDS plus many more as well as accessories such as AED pads. Citywide CPR offers you cost effective options, customized to your needs.

Large facility or small, our Citywide CPR AED specialists will offer a complete business solution for your AED program. We provide you with a consultation to determine which program best fits the needs of your facility, employees and surroundings. At the consultation, we will offer you different brands of AEDs, but will suggest one or two that will be optimal for your environment. A site assessment follows, which includes a complete walk through of your site, allowing our AED specialist to select the proper AED placement for the quickest response time possible. Once the AEDs are chosen, a training program is implemented. Your employees will be trained with online or onsite options (your choice) and will receive their card immediately upon successful course completion. We manage the expiring certification cards and remind you when it’s time to recertify. Annually, we will be contracted to service your AED, making sure it’s in proper working order, along with the electrodes, batteries and pads. An AED specialist will perform the necessary diagnostic tests, to ensure your AED is ready for use when needed.

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