CPR Training: Either a Firm Requirement or an Advantageous Option

August 23, 2013Comments Off on CPR Training: Either a Firm Requirement or an Advantageous Option

Regardless of the nature of your job, you would probably be able to comprehend how important it is to have had CPR training should immediate rescue comes necessary. While for some it comes optional for some, however, other jobs actually are strictly required to undergo the training courses as art of the qualification. Unlike what you might initially think, these jobs are not simply the ones involved in the field of health care. Apparently, the basis upon which it is decided whether or not a professional should be required to have CPR training depends on their likeliness to become exposed to emergencies that need to be applied with the technique of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Of course, such emergencies include sudden cardiac arrests and respiratory failure.

It is through the efforts of the American Heart Association that many professionals are reinforced to learn of the importance to get ready to perform a well-conducted CPR while on duty, if necessary of course. They non-government organization stresses clearly how important it is that the administration of poorly executed CPR to be kept at a minimum, if not totally avoided. Based on their standards, an individual must not only learn of CPR but the comprehensive guideline in which it can be performed successfully. There are certain techniques that need to be followed and principles to be kept in mind through the ordeal. Now, the following individuals are officially required to take CPR training and be certified for its application.

  • Fireman – This makes great sense as these are individuals whose purpose is to rescue fire victims. Their job is not limited to putting out fires as you might simply think. It is of great essence that they make sure that the people trapped inside a burning structure be brought out and given the immediate rescue they need. This would often include CPR as suffocation is one of the primary hazards during a fire.
  • Trainer – A trainer, most often for sports and such, would often have their trainees under physically demanding activities. That being the case, they should be ready in case the trainee suddenly encounters breathing problems and such which can be a common scene in training sessions. By going through CPR training classes, the professional trainer can make sure that their trainee is safe in their hands.
  • Construction personnel – Given the hazards at their job, construction workers definitely need a lot of safety reassurance. Clearly, this includes having each of them certified for CPR administration. Through this, any one of them can come to the other’s rescue should an incident occur and the need for CPR surfaces.
  • Volunteers – Volunteers at hospitals, nursing homes and relief centers; all are required to have the ability to perform CPR if they were to be effective in what they do. Seeing as they are called volunteers, they should be reliable in the case where they are the only ones present to provide the immediate rescue necessary.

These are only a few examples of the jobs that entail the need for CPR training. Remember that whether or not your job requires it, it would definitely be of great benefit for you to learn the technique yourself.