CPR Training for All-Ages: Children Learning CPR

May 16, 2016Comments Off on CPR Training for All-Ages: Children Learning CPR


CPR is a well-known procedure that is prominent in most media and news. It is a procedure stimulating the heart of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. This creates an artificial beating of the heart that can create an artificial beating of the heart so that the blood keeps pumping throughout the body. This helps in keeping the body ‘alive’ for more advanced revival techniques once medical professionals arrive at the scene.

CPR has saved many lives, even in the most inopportune moments. One would think that if there is a victim of cardiac arrest in public, it would be easier for people to react, but that is not always the case. There is the so-called bystander effect, where if there are a lot of bystanders in a scene, they would all be hesitating to move and help. This has nothing to do with morality or ethics, only that there is a psychological phenomenon preventing the people from helping those in need at sudden moments. Fortunately, it only takes one person to save a life.

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, if there is just one person to jump into action, then the rate of survival will be higher. This person can also mobilize other people by directly pointing at specific people and creating a need for that person to act. A quick call for emergency shall then mobilize advanced life support teams to the scene. Meanwhile, a trained individual should administer CPR to keep the chances of revival higher.

Even children can learn CPR. In recent news, a girl of 12 from Texas has successfully administered CPR to her father who was experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. This was due to her learning CPR months before, which turned out to be a big help in their time of need. There are many instances where children have learned CPR, perhaps during their time as a scout, or they could have attended a CPR training program. Either way, learning CPR at such a young age can still turn out to be a big help.

It is important to learn CPR from training centers. There are a lot of training centers that offer CPR programs that even kids can handle. Of course, it is important to note that most training programs may require an adult level of understanding, but kids can pick up the important parts to use during an emergency. With the help of a level-headed adult to guide the child, then attending a training program for CPR can be helpful in the future, in case of sudden cardiac arrest victims within your vicinity.

If an adult is looking for CPR training programs for their children, keep in mind that it is best if the adult, too, gets to apply for the training. This way, not only the child, but the guardian as well can jump into action once the need arises. With more people gaining knowledge of CPR, it can help in creating better chances for survival in the world for sudden cardiac arrest patients.