CPR Training: From Zero to Hero

August 27, 2012Comments Off on CPR Training: From Zero to Hero

If you happen to be an avid baseball fan, you would most probably have heard of Jim Joyce. Jim Joyce owes his infamy to the fact that his call in the 2010 game of Detroit Tigers caused Armando Galarraga to lose his claim for a perfect game. Joyce was quick to apologize to Galarraga for the incorrect call. Galarrage, on his part, did not have second thoughts when it comes to forgiving Joyce for the lapse saying that, “Nobody’s perfect”. Although this was a dark episode in Joyce’s career, it cannot be denied that he is still one of the best umpires the game has ever known.

Well, Joyce has another reason to be proud of himself.

Just recently, Jim Joyce dramatically saved the life of Jayne Powers. Jayne Powers is the Diamondbacks’ game-day employee. Joyce, along with Lance Barrett and Jim Reynolds, were on the way to their dressing room when they saw Powers having a seizure. Without second guessing himself, Joyce did everything in order to ensure that Powers’ head is protected. As soon as POwers’ body relaxed, Joyce knew something was wrong. Upon checking for pulse, he found out that Powers was not only unresponsive but did not have any pulse. That was when he started to perform CPR. For the first 5 minutes, both the CPR and the use of AED was unable to change Powers’ condition. With much perseverance, however, Joyce, with the help of the paramedics was able to restore heart beat to Powers.

Jim Joyce is not a stranger to administering CPR. He had be trained to administer the said life-saving procedure for quite some time now although there was never a recent instance wherein he was forced to use his training. This recent episode in his life is sure to put Joyce back in the limelight again; but this time, for a heroic act.

Not many people may be aware of it bit there are actually cases when cardiac arrest can lead to seizures and vice versa. The former becomes especially the case when the victim is suffering from structural cardiac diseases as well as arrhythmia. The latter, on the other hand, is very rare to happen, but the risk is still there.

There are a number of institutions that help train people when it comes to administering CPR. In most cases, trainees would be made familiar with the different signs of choking as well as cardiac arrest. They would also be taught how to administer CPR and, in some occasions, how to make use of an AED. Training centers usually conduct simulated sessions that involve adult as well as infant victim. You have to keep in mind that CPR procedure is an adult victim is very much different from a CPR procedure in an infant or child victim.

You do not have to wait for the situation to present itself before you start learning CPR. Undergo CPR Training and Certification now so that, just like Jim Joyce, you would be able to provide help when needed.