CPR Training Teaches ‘ABC’

March 7, 2012Comments Off on CPR Training Teaches ‘ABC’

During emergency medical situations, it requires people to have a clear mind, meaning they know what to do. Panicking would not help solve the problem that a particular individual is suffering. Just like in situations such as sudden cardiac arrest, it is vital that one of the people around the victim knows the proper procedures to revive the person. One of the most important things to in this kind of situation is to provide to cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR to the victim. This provides circulatory support to the victim until the medical help arrives.

CPR is such an intricate procedure that requires a person to be knowledgeable regarding it. The life of a person is on the line that’s why it is important that there would be no mistake in its performance. There were already situations wherein a person could have died due to drowning but was saved through CPR. CPR training is definitely needed by every individual to give them confidence in responding to emergency situations.

In a CPR training, a person would be taught of the proper ways to perform this emergency procedure as well as the three parts of a CPR. With regards to the three parts of CPR, it is easily remembered as ABC or the Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.

The airway of the victim must be open so that the breathing would be restored. During a CPR training, trainees would be taught on how to properly open the airway as well as the correct position of the victim for the rescue breathing. In case that the airway is blocked, the methods in clearing the airway would also be taught.

In case that a person is not breathing anymore, rescue breathing must now be performed. Those people undergoing a CPR training would be able to know the correct techniques and procedures in giving a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to infants, kids, and adults. The proper position of the rescuer would also be imparted to the trainees.

The main purpose of CPR is to restore the blood circulation of a victim and to do that, chest compressions must be done. Normally during these kinds of situation, a rescuer normally gives 30 chest compressions after two rescue breaths were provided. In a CPR training, the right methods in performing chest compressions would be taught along with the proper coordination of the compressions to rescue breathing.

To be able to learn the ABC of CPR, a person must get a reliable company that could really provide it. One good example would be Citywide CPR Inc., a national training site of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, and American Safety and Health Institute. For over 20 years, Citywide CPR has provided comprehensive training programs regarding CPR and other emergency procedures such as BLS, ACLS, PALS, and first aid. Citywide CPR is also very accessible to so many Americans since it is situated in numerous locations across the United States.

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