CPR/AED Certification As An Addition to Your Skill Set

June 5, 2013Comments Off on CPR/AED Certification As An Addition to Your Skill Set

People who suffer from heart disease have 50-50 chance of surviving an attack. It is the same thing for people who are victims of drowning or sudden difficulty in breathing. This is why one member in a family should know how to perform CPR as the immediate response to this unseen circumstance. Administering this kind of first aid to the sufferer might save his or her life and will be thankful for a lifetime. Good thing avenues for learning how to do proper CPR is not a problem as several educational institutions, hospitals and health organizations offer a training program for this. You can either choose whether take the classes online or through traditional schooling. Of course, each has their own benefits that you can reap. For example, online CPR Training lets you study on your pace, pick your own schedule and cost-effective since you don’t need to spend for transportation costs everyday.

In traditional schooling, class instructions will be held in a classroom, experience campus life and encounter personal experiences with other people. Although the two may differ in the context of class instruction, they still both have actual training wherein you have to attend on-site CPR classes. The practical training usually puts you under direct supervision to closely monitor your performance and teach you the right techniques possible. This is important since methods in administering CPR depend on the person you are administering to. For example, there is a respective CPR technique used for infants, children and adults. This means that learning how to perform the right CPR to a certain patient will make a difference and it is through practical training and quality education where you can learn all of it. Therefore, it is also important to consider the school you will enroll to, as the initial step in securing your eligibility to take the certification exam.

Admission to a school that can provide you quality CPR Training education will enable you to learn different techniques and higher chances of passing the exam. Earning this CPR certification will make you legitimate for working in different healthcare settings and other work places as part of their emergency medical response team. Thus, successfully completing your CPR training program can open you to a wider range of job opportunities. This holds true for employers who look for individuals who have received CPR certification. Employers do sometimes require their employees to take up CPR Training to contribute to their safe and healthy work place advocacy.

Aside from this, earning CPR as well as AED certification is proven a factor in giving you additional points in your job application. It is also an additional asset to your skill set and helps your employer’s work place safer and responsive to emergency cases. This is especially true in work places with environment that is not smoke-free, wherein heart disease sufferers likely to suffer from an attack anytime. CPR Training is one of the viable solutions to reduce the mortality rate of heart attack sufferers in the country besides implementing laws that can promote a healthier and heart-friendly environment.