Getting your AED System in Full Operation

April 29, 2013Comments Off on Getting your AED System in Full Operation

It is imperative to ensure that you are always on your toes for an unexpected incident, especially when it involves a matter of life and death. For such situations, it is best to equip yourself with the most reliable lifesaving preparations. To be specific, AEDs should be present when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. The term AED is the acronym for Automated External Defibrillator. This is an advanced medical device that helps an administrator revive someone whose heart function suddenly deteriorates. First, the device analyzes the heart rhythm of the victims, determining if a shock needs to be administered. It then lets the rescuer know how he should handle the situation. Though using the AED is made simple enough, it is still important that an individual, who is trained for its use, be in the area where the sudden cardiac arrest incident transpires.

This gives light to the importance of having an AED program within your premises, especially if you own a public establishment. Others will browse the internet for more information about AEDs as soon as they realize the significance of having it, which is a good thing. However, they tend to fail in gathering the more relevant information that they should be looking for. There are a lot of things for you to consider in order to have an appropriate AED program running in your place. Making sure that you stick to them will help you ensure that your rescue operations will save lives rather than end up being useless. What you need is a closer look on the AED product that you are planning to use as well as its manufacturer.

Make sure that you are getting the right product from the right people by limiting your scope of choices down to the distributors that are acknowledged by the most number of clients. You should appoint your AED program manager whose first task should be to make a draft of the most important questions to ask the distributors. These questions should be able to cover all the important aspects that you need to make an informed decision when you hire a particular distributor. Some of what needs to be pointed out are the initial purchase cost of their device, how much its replacement costs, and how much it will be should you need an upgrade in the future.  Essentially, they should be able to give you a clear estimate of your prospective AED program.

Having an AED program definitely requires more effort than you might initially think. After choosing a distributor, getting your hands on an AED does not instantly mean that you already have a credible program. You will even need to learn or train your employees to properly use the device that you purchased. Every product is different. You might clearly see how they differ by their design, price, durability, cost and level of support. In the end though, what is important is that you have people who can use it in case of an emergency, because saving lives is their ultimate purpose.