Hands-Only CPR is A Big Help

June 8, 2012Comments Off on Hands-Only CPR is A Big Help

When emergency medical situations happen, it is very important for the people around the victim to know the different measures that they have to do so that the person would be able to survive. Though it is such a critical situation, one should not waste any minute to do something to help the person especially if it is a case of a sudden cardiac arrest. Prolonging the situation without any measures done could lessen the survival rate of the victim.

Yes, it is quite hard for a bystander to do the necessary measures especially if he doesn’t know the things to do. They would have this dilemma of whether they would do something or just wait for the right people to attend to the victim. This is where the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training or CPR training comes in.

With CPR training, a regular individual or a bystander would be able to learn the different things that deal with the proper performance of it. Some of the things taught during classes are proper hand positioning in doing a chest compression, the correct rate or number of compressions to be done, proper positioning of the head in performing rescue breathing, and the right situation to use automated external defibrillator.

A CPR class is not always for the medical personnel since there are those training providers that offer it for bystanders. What is being taught to these bystanders are the simple or basic ways to perform CPR or the so-called “hands-only” chest compression.

This “hands-only” chest compression is a great help in saving a person’s life during sudden cardiac arrest situations. Based on a couple of studies, performing this is already enough to save the life of a person. Even though the performance of this is quite rigorous as compared to a mouth-to-mouth procedure, it is more needed than rescue breathing. Even the American Heart Association is promoting the use of “hands-only” CPR.

According to these studies, the simpler the technique used the better in saving the lives of a person.

Based on the said studies, the survival rate is around 12 percent when bystanders perform the “hands-only” CPR. This result confirms the previous notions that dispatcher-directed CPR is a big reason for the increase in the survival rate of a person.

A CPR class is such an important procedure that has been used for more than five decades. Through this procedure, several body parts such the brain is being pumped in with blood as well as oxygen manually since the heart is not functioning very well.

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