Heart Attack Warning Signs

June 25, 2015Comments Off on Heart Attack Warning Signs

Heart attack is no longer common for old people alone. There are more and more cases of people in their late twenties or even early twenties having heart attack due to myriad of reasons such as stress, obesity and other complications. Knowing the signs of heart attack is important not only for you but also for the ones you love. Heart attack can happen any time and in an instant so you better be aware on how to know that it is already happening, because sometimes, you might think it is just some ordinary pain or discomfort of the body.

One of the most typical warning signs of heart attack is pain. The pain can be felt either on the chest, on upper body or in your stomach. You might even feel pain on all those body parts all at the same time. Chest discomfort or chest pain will feel like a tight pressure or ache. The squeezing or fullness of the chest may last for a few minutes. In some cases, the discomfort will come back a few times during the day. Upper body pain means the discomfort will spread not only to your chest but also to your shoulders, neck, arms, back teeth and jaw. Note that you can have upper body pain without feeling ache on your chest. The stomach pain will more likely feel like heartburn.

Shortness of breath is normal if you undergo heavy physical activity. However, if you suddenly feel shortness of breath without doing something that ordinarily causes it, then you might be experiencing hear attack. Shortness of breath is typically experienced before chest pain but it can also be experienced by itself. Another warning sign of heart attack is anxiety. Again, the feeling of panic attack is normal if you thought of something stressful or if you are in danger. However, if for no apparent reason you suddenly feel anxious, like you are having cold sweats, then heart attack is more or less on its way. Speaking of cold sweats, having cold sweats alone is already a tell tale sign that you are having a heart attack. Lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting are some more warning signs of the deadly heart attack. Lightheadedness means you feel like passing out and nausea is something you experience that makes you sick to your stomach to the point of vomiting.

The symptoms stated here may vary in level of discomfort or pain. Just a word of advice, even if you feel only a little discomfort such as those stated here but with no real reason at all, take it as a warning and call your doctor as soon as possible. Do not wait until the pain escalates. It is also advisable to make sure that you have an AED unit on hand. That way, no matter what happens, the people around you would be able to provide assistance should you suffer from a heart attack. It is also a good idea to undergo a CPR training in any institution in your area.