How AED Management Can Improve Your Business

September 30, 2015Comments Off on How AED Management Can Improve Your Business

Having a defibrillator is great because it makes anyone a credible lifesaver, given they know how to use it. It is a powerful tool that a lot of people should know how to use because 911 will not always be on the scene on time. The average 911 response time takes eight to 12 minutes.

An AED manager is responsible for handling the greatest emergency medical device ever made: the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).  It is a must for every public place to have at least one device for emergency purposes, always available and maintained, and should be easy to reach.

An AED is a small portable medical device that checks the heart’s rhythm and beating. The computer on the machine would scan the heart using two pads attached to the machine. Each pad has a sensor which sends back information gathered to the onboard computer found on each device.

The machine’s computer would indicate if the patient should receive an electric shock. Ventricular fibrillation is the most common cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the top natural killer if not treated immediately.

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can be administered to give the patient more time for rushing emergency personnel to aid. But since CPR does not use a defibrillator, accurately checking the heart’s beat and rhythm becomes difficult to do and can lead to bigger complications.

It does not have to come down to that. Fear, panic, and tension should never be felt when someone goes down to heart-related problems that require immediate defibrillation.

The proper utilities can replace the three negative emotions mentioned. One just needs proper AED management in handling speedy and apt medical services.

They can handle your AED’s with relative ease, since most of them have experience in running a company that manages a lot of people, not just their clients. They have onboard staff – instructors, technicians, and medical scientists – and personnel who would meet you at your location.

The personnel an AED management company will send to you are client-friendly and have been in the business of making defibrillators and your business merge seamlessly with each other.

With the advent of technologies that help improve and increase productivity, most companies take advantage of Cloud-based computing applications. With Cloud, companies can check the hardware of your AED’s and upload updated software to it wirelessly.

Not only are companies are more versed in technologies that help boost productivity, they also employ some of the best minds in the business. Physicians, scientists, doctors, and accountants are some of the most hired personnel in their roster of talents. They are on-call most of the time and offer some of the best consultancy services, if ever a client of a provider of AED management calls.

Having a professional company take the reins of AED management ensures preparedness and “emergency-proofing” for the client’s infrastructure. Having a facility that is completely armed will show the care and readiness of your organization toward people, staff and guest alike, which builds a company’s credibility.