Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an AED

December 13, 2013Comments Off on Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an AED

An automated external defibrillator or AED has now become essential for people suffering from certain kinds of heart diseases and other related medical conditions. However, it is important to have the right type of AED based on your – or your loved one’s – specific medical condition and other important factors to consider. Various types and brands of AED offer various combinations of features that are either useful enough for the user or just too impractical to spend money for. Much worse, if you happen to buy one that holds several risks to the user as well as to the person operating it.

AEDs are mainly classified as fully automatic or semi-automatic. A fully automatic AED has the ability to determine and automatically execute the most appropriate action based on the analysis done on the patient’s vital signs, especially the heart rhythm. On the other hand, the semi-automatic AED is one that requires the input of the user after displaying or giving a report of the analysis done. Any of these two could be advisable for a common user but it is still advisable to choose which one you are comfortable most to use with. If you think it is safe enough to rely on the machine’s data based on the patient’s condition, then you can go for a fully automatic one. This is also a good choice if your patient suffers from emergency situations more frequent. For a more careful way of using an AED, it would be most probably a better choice to settle for a semi-automatic one.

Furthermore, there are several important features you need to look for in an AED. One of these is the ECG display, where you can view the patient’s heart rate and rhythm. This could also be used to see whether there are abnormalities in the heat’s function and whether there is any sign of any heart disease. Meanwhile, another significant feature of an AED is the rescue prompt. Some models have ordinary -LED prompt while some have built-in voice prompt. There are also AEDs nowadays that come with both LED and voice prompts to combine the advantages of having each of the two. In addition to that, wise selection of AED types and models could also include checking the device’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating. This is what signifies the level of protection the device provides against the intrusion of foreign objects such as dust and other tiny objects, as well as against accidental mechanical impact, liquid contact, extreme temperatures, and magnetic radiations.

Many AEDs today come with programmable functions for convenience and accuracy at the same time. Still, there are some that remain to have only the basic functionalities of an AED, making it come with lesser price than the former. Speaking of price, you have to consider the pricing of the AED brands when making your selection. You should also determine which one would consume more electricity when used.

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