Important Features to Check in an AED

January 19, 2014Comments Off on Important Features to Check in an AED

It is such a waste of money to buy something that doesn’t give back you what you have paid for. In other words, it is never desirable to pay much for something that only brings a few benefits to you, unless money is never a problem for you. That’s why it has been a common money-saving tip that careful selection among the available options should be done before deciding to purchase a certain item. In most cases, it is best to plan ahead of time on the certain item you want to purchase out of the given resources. This is also applicable if you are looking for the best automated external defibrillator (AED) to buy. Hence, knowing what you have to look for in a particular AED brand and model would be a great initial step.

First among the most important features you should check in an AED is the Pediatric Capability. How old is the person intended for this medical device? Remember that children, especially those aging 8 years and below are not yet strong enough for the effects of electrode pads that are pressed against their chest. This simply means that you have to choose an AED model that has a pediatric capability indicating that the age of the user is valid for the application. Meanwhile, you should also take time to see the type and rating of the ECG (electrocardiogram) Display of the AED. This is basically an LCD or LED indicator that displays the analysis on the patient’s heart rate and heart rhythm. It also informs the user if there are any conduction abnormalities and other symptoms of heart attack or any similar heart disease.

It is also necessary to see the two Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of the certain AED brand – the Liquid Ingress Protection and the Solid Particle Protection. Liquid Ingress Protection is merely an indication of how well-protected the device is when water or any type of liquid gets inside of it. Level 0 represents no protection while level 10, the highest rating, indicates the highest liquid ingress protection. In short, the higher the liquid ingress protection rating, the better the AED model is. Furthermore, the AED’s Solid Particle Protection level is similar to liquid ingress protection rating wherein higher rating means better protection and thus, better quality of the product. Level 0 means that no protection against ingress or contact of solid objects is provided to the device whereas level 6, the highest level, refers to a device that is dust tight and there is complete protection against any foreign solid object.

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