Increase Cardiac Arrest Survival through AED Program Solutions

March 2, 2012Comments Off on Increase Cardiac Arrest Survival through AED Program Solutions

No one can contest the fact that automated external defibrillator (AED) are effective in saving lives of cardiac arrest victims. The device has simple audio and visual commands that are designed for the general public’s easy application and usage. Unlike regular defibrillators, AED requires minimal training, which are normally taught at CPR and other life saving classes, as it automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm and determines if a shock is needed.

Laws and provisions enacted have led to an increased in AED placement and the device availability to the community. Most AED can be found in public and privately-owned places where people usually convene and hang out. Since there could be hearing impaired first aid responders, AED manufacturers have even included visual prompts aside from the voice prompt that the device has.

The number of cardiac arrest survivors is increasing each year due to the successful AED execution. Death rates, however, are also in a gradual growth as AED failures are becoming infamously common. These failures are usually caused by defective batteries, pads, and wirings but could also be a manufacturer’s negligence. In any way, the device should be checked intently and regularly to avoid wrongful deaths. The number of deaths, in only 15 years, that could be accounted as AED failure has already reached 1,000 and the numbers are still increasing.

AEDs are just like any other equipment could experience unexpected failure. It is only proper that the device be checked and maintained regularly as recommended by manufacturers. PromptAEDmaintenance and management is the key to having a successfulAEDprogram and resuscitation procedure. There should be an effective AED program management and a sound AED medical oversight. Keeping tracks ofAEDparts and their expiration dates, however, proved to be taxing. As cardiac arrest incidents are an unusual sight in a particular place and do not happen regularly, the task of maintaining the device is often overlooked.

Training sites are now offering AED program management to effectively ensure that AEDs and their parts are in their best condition and are properly placed. The solution generally includes expiration date tracking for batteries, pads, and certification, reminder system and AED maintenance, order placements, refresher or training reminders, and liability reduction. Problems with pads and connection accounted for 23.7 percent while battery failures accounted for 23 percent. Addressing these problems will result to an increase in survivors and a less in wrong deaths.

There are also training facilities that offer AED medical oversight. The oversight is a medical examination, evaluation, and development of a community in reference to the recommended CPR-AED programs. When company buys an AED, it has to make sure that employers and employees are aware of it and know how to use it. There should also be assigned personnel who would regularly check the device and then see to it that parts, such as batteries, are frequently tested. An oversight is normally done by a medical facilitator that is usually a registered physician. The director provides the medical leadership and should champion cardiac arrest survival, oversee total compliance of companies to state regulations, and check and improve AED program’s effectivity of the company.

CitywideCPR Inc. offers both AED medical oversight and AED program management solutions for a more effective and medically sound AED programs. The medical oversight direction services provided by the company, which are facilitated by registered physicians, are FDA certified and follows the most stringent requirements of OSHA. The solutions do not only adhere to state requirements but are also continuously updated to comply with the legislative and regulatory laws regarding AED usage, medical direction, and training.

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