It Pays To Be Prepared Through CPR Training

February 15, 2012Comments Off on It Pays To Be Prepared Through CPR Training

Emergency situations are inevitable that’s why first aid training has always been deemed necessary. Since medical help won’t be easily available in a minute, bystanders that are within the incident scene are expected to help the victim. Medical aid raises the chance of survival and recovering from the condition.

The first aid treatment for heart attack, however, is much more complicated to do than those of fractures and simple unconsciousness. Cardiac arrest victims should be given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately to continue the flow of blood in the heart and brain. As blood supply was suddenly interrupted, heart cells and brain tissues will start to die that may cause death or, if the victim survives, brain damage. CPR then is the only viable immediate solution for this condition. The numbers of CPR-trained Americans are so small but the American Health Association (AHA) is positive on its growth as more and more accredited training sites are offering CPR training courses whether be it on site instruction, for families and friends, or workplace training.

Unlike dramatic heart attack in movies, real-life Myocardial infarction is sometimes subtle and silent that passers-by are usually clueless on what’s happening to the victim. Symptoms, risk factors and other related information will be taught in the CPR training course as these areas are important in understanding the condition. Citywide CPR, Inc., an AHA-accredited training site and a duly recognized medical training solution by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute and American Safety and Health Institute, offers a comprehensive CPR training to individuals and companies who are willing to learn the procedure in order to be a life-saver. They also give drills and reviews to individuals who want to obtain recertification. To serve more Americans, the training facility is now located in more than 35 major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Houston.

The instructional course will educate one of the different ways to revive a person. An unconscious person does not necessarily mean that he had a heart attack. Attempting to wake up the victim must be the first thing. Chest compressions will only be performed when the potential rescuer have found the victim not breathing. One must note, however, that the compression is not just about pressing the victim’s chest area. Certain hand positions, force exerted in pushing, and number and frequency of pushes must first be learned. Badly done chest compression may not help revive the victim but only break his ribs. The potential rescuer may also perform rescue breathing where the rescuer blows air through the victim’s mouth to stimulate breathing.

There are also other training methods available in Citywide CPR that can help in aiding an unconscious person. Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) are some of the programs that they offer. Ordinary individuals may take the BLS course as the treatment aims to provide full medical care to patients with life threatening injuries and illnesses while those aspiring to be a health professional can undergo an ACLS option. The clinical procedure is used to urgently treat conditions like cardiac arrest and stroke.

Learning any of these medical training courses would definitely mean of the many possible lives that one might be able to save. Emergencies don’t wait for medical procedures but one can anticipate and be prepared for them through these trainings. If you are interested in CPR training, please take a look to check our website.