Know How to Save a Life in 60 Seconds!

July 13, 2012Comments Off on Know How to Save a Life in 60 Seconds!

What if someone near you suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing? Do you just call 911 or you try to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) yourself? According to the American Heart Association in United States, many people are hesitating to save a person who just stopped breathing because they cannot submit themselves to having mouth-to-mouth contact to a complete stranger. For that reason, the American Heart Association has revised the guidelines on CPR and says that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not needed or required anymore and that chest pumps will do. This is to encourage more people to stand out of the crowd and help a person bring back his breathing even though he or she is a total stranger.

Though this is something you think will never happen to you, did you know that 300,000 people experience sudden heart attack every year? What if you are one of the people who are with these 300,000 people by the time they stop breathing? Can you dare witness a death without doing anything about it? Performing CPR helps a person restore breathing while the paramedics are still on their way and medical help is not yet available. More so, performing CPR will double and even triple the chances of a person surviving from a heart attack.

For these valuable reasons, the American Heart Association is encouraging both medical professionals and civilians alike to learn CPR. If one knows how to conduct CPR, he can save lives in just thirty to sixty seconds! To reach this goal, the American Heart Association is working on a nationwide campaign to spread awareness on the importance of knowing basic first aid measures through CPR. On a deeper and more professional scope, the agency is also requiring healthcare employees to undergo CPR training from Citywide CPR. Citywide CPR is the official training site of the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, and American Safety and Health Institute. Citywide CPR is also a government-trusted entity for their comprehensive traditional and online classes for everything first aid.

Citywide CPR is offering the following services for first aid:

  • BLS, CPR, AED & First Aid Certification
  • AED Training, Certification & Servicing
  • ACLS & PALS Certification
  • OSHA Training and Certification

Citywide CPR is the one-stop solution for all first aid training and certification. They have both traditional and online classes that will fit both schedules of working, studying or stay-at-home individuals who wanted to register for a class.

Citywide CPR is headquartered in the metropolitan area of Chicago. They have been the official partner of the American Heart Associations for twenty years in training and honing highly-competitive and qualified medical professionals who can work with alertness, ease and knowledge.

True to their motto of building healthier lives free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, Citywide CPR is dedicated to customer service superiority, qualified trainers and comprehensive classes.

If you are interested in taking CPR Training and Certification with Citywide CPR, take a look at our schedules and centers near you.