Knowing the Proper use of AED

November 25, 2013Comments Off on Knowing the Proper use of AED

Knowledge on CPR could serve as a weapon to save the life of an emergency cardiac condition sufferer. As a matter of fact, anyone is now encouraged to take action as an immediate responder when faced into a between-life-and-death scenario for a heart disease victim. Each second wasted by not doing any first aid to the sufferer significantly decreases his chances to survive from the life threatening condition. However, it should be noted that even though you know CPR and apply it immediately, there is still a high tendency that the patient would lose his life.

As a solution, various health organizations now promote the use of automated external defibrillators or AEDs as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of CPR. This computer-based medical equipment is either fully automated or semi-automated and has the primary purpose of applying electric energy to the malfunctioning heart of the victim. It has the ability to read the heart rhythm of the patient and automatically determine the necessary magnitude of electric energy to be applied on the malfunctioning heart. In this way, the abnormality in the heart’s operation is being disrupted until the heart regains its normal operability. Proper and safe use of this medical device is highly required, however, in order to avoid unwanted complications and accidents.

When using an AED, make sure that the patient’s chest is dry by wiping it. Never use alcohol for wiping because it is a flammable substance. It is also not a good idea to touch the patient while the AED is making an analysis on his heart as it could affect the reading. Doing so could result to unwanted electric shock as well. In addition, it is not advisable to use the device when there is a flammable or combustible material nearby, especially in a gas station. Using the device while inside a moving vehicle is not practical also as it can come up with an erroneous result because of the erratic movement. In addition, avoid operating an AED when there is a mobile phone or radio device within the 6ft radius.

The American Heart Association is among the several health organizations that promote the awareness on the significance of learning how to use an AED as a life-saver medical device. They encourage everyone to be knowledgeable and prepared enough to operate this equipment, especially when there is a loved one who is prone to sudden cardiac arrest. Citywide CPR is just one of the emergency medical services training centers that offer AED Medical Oversight and AED Program Management training courses for anyone. Just check out their official website to see the details on these programs and more about prescribed use of various types of AEDs. You can also find other CPR and life-saving courses in this reputable medical training center.

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