Making Yourself Useful During Emergencies

July 11, 2013Comments Off on Making Yourself Useful During Emergencies

When the situation calls for it, it is always the best to know how to employ a first aid response. Obviously, being unfamiliar to any life-saving methods will prove you useless in such a time when someone requires it. You cannot rely on good faith that someone else in the area will come to the rescue and clear the situation. There is also no guarantee that the emergency response team can get there as early as you hope they would. You would find yourself just as helpless as the other person lying on the ground when you could have easily been of great help if only you knew how. Well, you should know that one thing you could have done is to learn how to administer CPR.

A CPR training course would go over the basics and the advanced know-hows of performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. One of the things that they will probably tell you is to not yell out “call 911” to a crowd of overseers. This might not actually stick to any one of them as soon as you say it. What tends to happen is that they all will pause to think that another person will making the call so they would not have to do it themselves anymore. The best thing to do is to specifically call out one individual and ask them to call the emergency response team immediately. This is only one of the tips in the efficient handling of an emergency situation that you will get from CPR training.

You should definitely take the time to take CPR training. One of the reasons is that there is nothing worse than being of no help in an emergency, especially when someone important to you is involved. If you happen to be familiar with the administration of CPR, you might just end up becoming that hero who once saved someone’s life. Since an event where someone important is of greater weight, a CPR training course will most definitely give a lesson that focuses on this given instance. Apart from the proper manner in which you should ask someone to make the call for an emergency response team, the training is sure to introduce you to the other commands that will prove useful for the proper handling of an emergency situation.

There are cases in which the situation calls for some safety measures for the rescuer as well. This is something that a CPR and AED training course will also focus on because they want to disclose that saving someone else’s life does not have to mean that you will be putting your own at risk. Another thing that they would teach in these trainings is how to use a defibrillator. It is a fact that the use of a defibrillation device makes more successful rescues. They are often spread within a public establishment for emergency purposes. If an accident transpires and an AED is available, you would do well to know how to use it to your advantage.