One of Mankind’s Most Important Medical Inventions

February 25, 2013Comments Off on One of Mankind’s Most Important Medical Inventions

Mankind has been responsible for the creation of some very remarkable devices. It should never be forgotten that humans have created the space shuttle, the refrigerator, and even the computer. All these inventions have helped to shape the future of humanity for the better, and yet it is tough to label any of them as being the most significant inventions even up to now. In order to find the most remarkable innovations, people need to turn their attention to the medical field. Countless innovations have been made in this field, and each one has arguably been as important as the next. Lives have been saved by medical innovations, and one piece of medical equipment in particular has been very helpful. The automated external defibrillator has helped improve the safety of people all over the world, and it truly stands as one of the most important inventions in the history of man.

The automated external defibrillator has an admittedly unfamiliar name, and even when condensed down to its acronym, people may still struggle to identify this particular piece of equipment. Despite the notable lack of fame however, the AED still remains as one of the most significant pieces of medical equipment that can be found either in the hospital setting or just out in the field. The fact that it can indeed be readily used by medical professionals while out on the field is one of the main reasons for the device’s popularity. It has been designed to be very compact, and that size allows it to be taken for just about any occasion. It is a common fixture at crowded events where risk for cardiac arrests may be low but still present. Being compact just makes it easier for medical professionals to deploy the device once it is actually needed. Another notable feature of the AED is the fact that it is very easy to use, even for people without any formal medical training. The device actually provides people with audio and visual prompts to make sure that it can be used in the correct manner.

The automated external defibrillator serves a few very important functions. The first function of the device is as a diagnostic tool. More specifically, the AED checks up on the person’s heart rhythm. Any unusual variance in the rhythm of the heart is a cause for concern and this piece of equipment can help determine if such a situation is indeed in play. It works almost as a preventative tool in this sense. Instead of waiting on an unfortunate incident to be useful, the AED can identify a potential problem before it even begins to affect people.

The second function of the AED is to administer an electrical shock to the heart. The heart can have literal electrical trouble at times, and this device is as effective of a solution to that problem as any. With the little shock that this item provides, it can restore the rhythm of the heart to its proper timing, eliminating any threat to an individual’s life.

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