Protecting the Human Heart with the Help of a Handy Tool

March 4, 2013Comments Off on Protecting the Human Heart with the Help of a Handy Tool

Built into the human body itself are objects that exist solely for the purposes of protection. Surrounding the brain is a tough and very durable encasement made of bone known as the skull. Along the front of the chest is the rib cage and it helps to protect the eminently fragile lungs. There are also bones in place that protect the spinal cord. Beyond these bones, the human body is also outfitted with an immune system that helps protect it from invading foreign bodies. The immune system probably stands as the biggest reason for why people do not get sick all that often. Even with all these agents of protection present inside the body, the internal organs can still sustain damage. The heart in particular is very prone to being harmed, and that has necessitated the creation of certain devices designed to protect it from being irretrievably damaged. Most of these devices are very familiar to people, but one of them may not be immediately recognizable despite the fact that it too has saved numerous lives.

The AED or automated external defibrillator is actually one of the most widely-used pieces of medical equipment. Despite its notable lack of fame, this device has been very instrumental to saving people’s lives and it still stands as one of the most valuable pieces of medical equipment. The AED actually possesses certain characteristics that make it quite the outstanding medical device. Its portable nature for one, makes it a particularly valuable medical tool. That portable quality allows it to be taken just about anywhere and that means that even the people in need of its services in remote regions can be helped. Another very useful feature of the item is the fact that it actually provides prompts for the people who operate it. Since it is most likely to be used in emergency situations, the odds say that there will not always be medical professionals around to handle it. The prompts it provides ensures that in a fix, even inexperienced individuals can use it.

The AED has two very simple functions. The first function of the automated external defibrillator is devoted to diagnosing possible heart problems in people. More specifically, the device aims to identify possible problems by checking the rhythm of the heart. If an irregular rhythm is spotted, then the device can be deployed as a correcting tool.

Irregular heart rhythms are obviously problematic, and they indicate that there may be a possible problem with the heart’s electrical wiring. This can be a real problem, and it is the reason why the AED is so helpful. The AED is fully capable of administering a significant shock to the body, enough that it can even restore to the rhythm of the heart to where it should be. The device basically allows care to be provided even when the stricken individual is not at the hospital, and since heart attacks can be very fatal, very quickly, the presence of the device is obviously very valuable.

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